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Bus 311 Business Law Entire Course Material - 1611 Words

BUS 311 Business Law Entire Course Material Follow the link below to purchase Visit Website: Please contact us for more Tutorial amp; Help ( BUS 311 Week 1 DQ 1 Applying the Law to a Set of Facts Applying the Law to a Set of Facts. Read the Hypothetical Case Problem #1 at the end of Chapter 1 and respond to these questions 1. If Javier sued Energy-Auto Inc., identify who would be the plaintiff and the defendant. 2. In which state or states can the suit be brought? 3. Assume that Javier incurred $100,000 in damages. a) Analyze whether the suit can be brought in federal court b) Explain the†¦show more content†¦Apply the five essential elements of an enforceable contract to your example and answer the following questions. 1. Was the contract successfully fulfilled? 2. Was there a breach of the contract? 3. If so, what remedies were available? BUS 311 Week 2 Quiz BUS 311 Week 3 DQ 1 Employment at Will Employment-at Will. Should the law allow an employer to fire an employee without a good reason? Conduct research to provide examples to support your position and use your own personal employment experiences when possible. Have you observed situations where an employee was fired? Did the employer give a reason? Do you believe the employer’s actions were legal? BUS 311 Week 3 DQ 2 A Principal’s Responsibility for the Actions of Their Agent A Principal’s Responsibility for the Actions of Their Agent. Karen is shopping at Big Mart. She has with her an umbrella which is the same brand Big Mart carries. When a Big Mart employee, Steve, sees her leave with the umbrella without going through the checkout lane, he asks her to come back into the store. Steve says that he thinks Karen is shoplifting the umbrella. Karen tells him that she has had the umbrella for years and show s him marks of wear and tear. Steve apologizes and tells Karen she is free to go. Can Karen successfully sue for false imprisonment or defamation? From what you have learned about the relationship between a principal and an agent, analyze whether Steve or Big Mart could be liable because ofShow MoreRelatedKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk6406 Words   |  26 Pagesletter (A-E) graded. A minimum grade point average of 5.0/9.0 (â€Å"B† average) is required for graduation. Of the 30 credit hours, 24 must be 500 level or above. At most, 6 credit hours can be at the 400-level. SYSTEMS ENGINEERING CORE (9 credits) Courses must be taken in each area. 1. Powertrain AUTO 563 Dynamics and Controls of Automatic Transmissions MECHENG 438 Internal Combustion Engines OR MECHENG 538 Advanced Internal Combustion Engines 2. Vehicle Dynamics AUTO/MECHENG 513 MECHENG 458 MECHENGRead MoreContracts Outline9706 Words   |  39 Pagesreplacement value of an item by the amount of use (percentage of useful life) the Ï€ had received from the goods. (a) The court will not allow the Δ to pay for part of the life of an item that must (for the sake of efficiency) by replaced when the entire group is replaced (i) IE if you run over a 10 year old power pole that needs be replaced in 5 years. The pole’s owner did get 67% of the life of the pole, but in the sake of efficiency, the pole will be replaced with all of the others. Thus, noRead MoreBusiness Information Systems31162 Words   |  125 PagesEssentials of Business Information Systems Text Book: Laudon amp; Laudon, Essentials of Business Information Systems, 7th Edition, Pearson (Prentice Hall), 2007 Chapter 1 Business Information Systems in Your Career Multiple Choice Questions 1. One of the recent critical challenges facing Major League Baseball was: a. poor coordination between local and national sales channels. b. poorly managedRead MoreConstruction Industry15894 Words   |  64 PagesOffice of Community Oriented Policing Services. Most of the work on this project was carried out by Officers Daniel Cunius and G. Eric Rost of the CMPD. They identified the problem of theft from construction sites as warranting attention in the course of their routine patrol work. They subsequently nominated it for more intensive examination and, when the study was approved, compiled much of the needed data, acquired information from builders, participated in all stages of the analysis, monitoredRead More111135197X 38570 Essay example17696 Words   |  71 Pageswaterskiing. I 4. Mario graduated as a veterinarian in January of last year. C 5. Correct I 6. First, we went to Italy. Then, we traveled to Austria and Germany. Finally, we visited Spain. I 7. The professor gave an introduction to the course yesterday, the first day of class. I 8. There are rumors that college tuition will be (OR is going to be) higher next year. C 9. Correct I 10. In my opinion, voting in elections is very important. Exercise 2 (page 22) 1. helps 2. Read MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 PagesTechnology Platform CASE STUDY I-7 Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (B): Cleaning Up an Information Systems Debacle CASE STUDY II-1 Vendor-Managed Inventory at NIBCO CASE STUDY II-2 Real-Time Business Intelligence at Continental Airlines CASE STUDY II-3 Norfolk Southern Railway: The Business Intelligence Journey CASE STUDY II-4 Mining Data to Increase State Tax Revenues in California CASE STUDY II-5 The Cliptomaniaâ„ ¢ Web Store: An E-Tailing Start-up Survival Story CASE STUDYRead MoreInternal Revenue Code 1939278050 Words   |  1113 PagesUNITED STATES STATUTES AT LARGE CONTAINING THE LAWS AND CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS ENACTED DURING THE FIRST SESSION OF THE SEVENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1939 AND TREATIES, INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES, AND PROCLAMATIONS COMPILED, EDITED, INDEXED, AND PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY OF LAW UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE VOLUME 53 PART 1 INTERNAL REVENUE CODE APPROVED FEBRUARY 10, 1939 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WASHINGTONRead MoreThe Aig Bailout22345 Words   |  90 PagesAIG’s Credit Default Swap Business .................................... 952 III. AIG’s Collapse ............................................................................. 959 A. Credit Default Swaps on Multi-Sector Collateralized Debt Obligations .................................................................... 959 B. Securities Lending Program................................................... 961 âˆâ€" Professor of Law, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law. I would like to thankRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pages22/10/2007 11:54 Page 599 Guide to using the case studies The main text of this book includes 87 short illustrations and 15 case examples which have been chosen to enlarge speciï ¬ c issues in the text and/or provide practical examples of how business and public sector organisations are managing strategic issues. The case studies which follow allow the reader to extend this linking of theory and practice further by analysing the strategic issues of speciï ¬ c organisations in much greater depth –Read MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 PagesInstructor’s Manual Exploring Strategy Ninth edition Gerry Johnson Richard Whittington Kevan Scholes Steve Pyle For further instructor material please visit: ISBN: 978-0-273-73557-1 (printed) ISBN: 978-0-273-73552-6 (web) ï £ © Pearson Education Limited 2011 Lecturers adopting the main text are permitted to download and photocopy the manual as required. Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies

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