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Ghosts in a Massachusetts Village :: Ghosts Spirits Hauntings Essays

Ghosts in a Massachusetts Village Sabine duramen passed through Moose River marijuana cigarette years ago with her mother, an itinerant fortuneteller. Raised on the road as Ruby crisscrossed the country in her buffet VW minibus, Sabine longed to settle mow and was inexplicably drawn to this rural hamlet, where everyone knows everyone. Now that one of the towns favorite sons has returned for his grandmother Beatrices funeral, at least theres something to talk about. Danforth smith is an up-and-coming assistant film director in New York, romantically linked with a bitchy, beautiful, ambitious actress. Shy Sabine is instantly attracted to him but she knows she posteriort com pete with the likes of Karen. And handsome Dan would never want to give up such a glamorous life to enlistment in Moose River sum and care for his aging, mentally retarded uncle Nagy, per his mother Beatrices wish. Even though Beatrice, imperious and theatrical to a fault, insisted in her pull up stakes that Nagy never be commit and instead be permitted to take tickets and sweep up at the Palace Theatre (her dead husbands pet project and final legacy). Sabine intuitively senses Dans dark recondite, but not its exact details. Yet Dan, given to solitary brooding, reveals all to the reader in interior monologues he holds himself creditworthy for the accidental fire that killed his feuding parents when he was only six. He and Nagy were playing with a lighter, and his grandmother Beatrice always told Dan that the fire was his fault, not Nagys. Hmmso thats why Sabine seems to smell smoke in his presence but she doesnt understand why. Gee, where does this strange knack for reading minds come from? The purportedly psychic young charwoman cant figure it out, but mother Ruby is waiting in the wings with a grim secret of her own Sabine is the squirt of an alcoholic gypsy, who raped Ruby when she was only fifteen.Ghosts in a Massachusetts Village Ghosts Spirits Hauntings EssaysGhosts in a Massachusetts Village Sabine Heartwood passed through Moose River Junction years ago with her mother, an itinerant fortuneteller. Raised on the road as Ruby crisscrossed the country in her battered VW minibus, Sabine longed to settle down and was inexplicably drawn to this rural hamlet, where everyone knows everyone. Now that one of the towns favorite sons has returned for his grandmother Beatrices funeral, at least theres something to talk about. Danforth Smith is an up-and-coming assistant film director in New York, romantically linked with a bitchy, beautiful, ambitious actress. Shy Sabine is instantly attracted to him but she knows she cant compete with the likes of Karen. And handsome Dan would never want to give up such a glamorous life to stay in Moose River Junction and care for his aging, mentally retarded uncle Nagy, per his mother Beatrices wish. Even though Beatrice, imperious and theatrical to a fault, insisted in her will that Nagy never be institutionalized a nd instead be permitted to take tickets and sweep up at the Palace Theatre (her dead husbands pet project and final legacy). Sabine intuitively senses Dans dark secret, but not its exact details. Yet Dan, given to solitary brooding, reveals all to the reader in interior monologues he holds himself responsible for the accidental fire that killed his feuding parents when he was only six. He and Nagy were playing with a lighter, and his grandmother Beatrice always told Dan that the fire was his fault, not Nagys. Hmmso thats why Sabine seems to smell smoke in his presence but she doesnt understand why. Gee, where does this strange knack for reading minds come from? The supposedly psychic young woman cant figure it out, but mother Ruby is waiting in the wings with a grim secret of her own Sabine is the child of an alcoholic gypsy, who raped Ruby when she was only fifteen.

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William Shakespeares The Winters Tale Essay -- William Shakespeare W

William Shakespeares The Winters TaleIn Shakespeares The Winters Tale, the playwright introduces his sense of hearing to a world blending natural imagery with that of ancient religion. Appearing as natures child, Perdita fails to realize her own identity and does not bed that the flowers she describes mimic her own image. Just as gillyvors are a result of crossbreeding, the shepherdess is essentially one of natures bastards since she eventually discovers Porrus has been an adoptive father for her, and Leontes is her biological father. Perdita not only shares her natural image with the goddess Proserpina, but also shares in the goddess fate as a lost daughter. Much like Proserpina who represents the springtime, Perdita exemplifies the natural development and prosperity that accompanies the season. When Antigonus agrees to take up Perdita and leave her to chance, he understands that she is natures child since Some powerful spirit instruct the kites and ravens / To be thy n urses. Wolves and bears, they say, / Casting their brutality aside, find done / Like offices of pity (II.iii.185-8). Nature then raises the infant as her own when Perdita takes on natural attributes uncommon among humankind. Before Antigonus abandons the infant Perdita in accordance with Leontes orders, he addresses the babe, Blossom, speed thee well (III.iii.45), as though Perdita resembles a flower in full bloom. As Perdita grows older, the shepherdess imparts her blossoming image on others, peculiarly on the courtiers who greet her in the country. After asking Dorcas to Give her those flowers there, she distributes rosemary and rue which keep / Seeming and savor all the winter long (IV.iv.73-5). The flowers ... ...u mightiness well enjoy her (V.i.214-5). Perditas beauty surpasses her lowly stature to the point where she is not regarded as a shepherdess to Leontes, but rather as a high power. Perdita ultimately takes on the natural image of Proserpina as wel l as her role as a lost daughter. Through the flowers Perdita mentions, she effectively manages to describe not only her own identity, but that of the goddess. Even though Antigones abandons the shepherdess at birth, Perditas missing person and questionable identity causes others to also lose the ones they love and opportunities they could have had. Because the loss of Perdita creates significant loss for others, it is as though the maiden has a hand in others lives, much like the gods. Thus her indirect intervention, image, and role as a lost daughter all play a key part in her representation of Proserpina.

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Earnest Hemingway :: essays research papers fc

Earnest HemingwayEarnest Miller Hemingway was born in Oak Park Illinois.After graduating from high school, he got a job at a papercal take "Kansas City Star". Hemingway continually tried to enterthe military, but his messed up eye, hindered this task.Hemingway had managed to get a job driving an American Red enshroudambulance. During this expedition, he was injured and hospitalized. Hemingway had an crush for a particular nurse at that hospital, her name was Agnes von Kurowsky. Hemingway continually proposed to her, and she continually denied.When Hemingway healed his injuries, he moved back to Michigan,and had cherished to write again. When he married HadleyRichardson and was working in France, as a foreign correspondent,for the "Toronto Star". In 1925, he wrote a book called "In Our prison term", which was marketed in New York. The next year he publisheda book called "The insolate Also Rises", a novel where he had hisfirst success. "The Sun A lso Rises", deals with a group of desultory people in exile from France and Spain-members of the "lostgeneration", a phrase made famous by Hemingway himself.In post-war years, Hemingway spent most of his time writingbooks. But, when his first marriage failed, and had a son,John, he had married Pauline Pfeiffer, who had his next 2children. Based in Paris, he had traveled for skiing,bullfighting, fishing, or hunting that by then had become whatmost of his work was all about. Hemingway, started writing short stories, among them was "MenWithout Women" in 1927, and "A adieu to Arms" in 1929.This story shows a love story within a war time setting. Many people believe that Hemingway, did his writing at this period of his life. He once confessed "If I had not been hunting and fishing, I would have probably been writing."     Hemingways stories were based on adventure,and different aspects of it. His love of Spain, and his love ofbullf ighting, led him to write a book called "Death in theAfternoon". During the 1930s, Spain was in a civil war, stillhaving ties in Spain, Hemingway made 4 trips their. He raisedmoney, for a party called the "Loyalists". He wrote a book aboutit called "The Fifth Column". In this book, the narrator is the protagonist. From more experience in Spain, he wrote a book called "Whom the Bell Tolls" in 1940. This book was the mostsuccessful writing, based on sales of the book. All of Hemingways life, has been fascinated by wars. For example, in "A part to Arms", he focused on how war had

The Numerberg Trials: A Victors Justice :: essays research papers fc

The Numerberg Trials Were UnfairAfter World War II, the victorious affiliate decided to hold a exam for the defeated Nazis. These trials lasted from November 20, 1945 till October 1, 1946. Although the victors claimed that they would crack the accused a fair trial, upon closer inspection we can see that in reality, these trials were biased and were a victors justice.After the war, each of the Allies leaders had their own idea for how they should deal with the Nazis. Stalin suggested that they should have trials, provided here everyone is guilty and afterwards is shot. What then would be the point of having a trial then? It would just appear as a play before they would perform their actual intentions. He may have suggested this also so that he could adduce that they were fair because they gave them a trial-but what sort of trial? Churchill even said that they should just be lined up and shot. If the leaders of the Allies were saying such(prenominal) amours, how could we even exp ect the trials to be unbiased then? Each allied country had its own persecutors. All the judges at the trials came from the victorious countries as well. to the highest degree of the judges were American or Russian. During the trials, the Americans put American justice over International Justice. It was wrong and unfair however to do such a thing because those who were guilty didnt even come from the United States? Since the trials were supposed to be international in scope, they shouldnt be following the justice of one country, but rather international justice. Although the Americans were applying American justice to the trials, they didnt even follow their constitution while doing so. The US constitution states that laws cannot be made post-facto, but in Nuremberg, they created these laws (for example, crimes against humanity, and waging aggressive war) after the Germans had committed them. It is wrong however to charge defendants with crimes that didnt exist in anyones books at the time they were committed. Although some might say that these crimes are common knowledge, they may in fact be only common knowledge to you. Not everyone in the world views things in the same bearing you might. John F. Kennedy even said about the Nuremberg trials that The Constitution was not a collection of loosely given political promises subject to broad interpretation. It was not a list of pleasing platitudes to be set lightly aside when expediency required itand discard these Constitutional precepts in order to punish a vanquished enemy.

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Life, Death, and the Heroic Archetype Essay -- Heroes Hero Essays

Life, Death, and the Heroic Archetype The heroic archetype is a creative expression borne of the individuals desire to know and to understand the uncontrollable and often chaotic world in which he lives. In the popular culture of America we can find many reflections of the heroic figure in writing, in the graphic invention of comic books, and most certainly in the aftermath of September 11th, heroes are ever present. Our cultural champions speak to our collective need to make sense of the plastered and to establish order in both our external and internal worlds. Indeed it is through the internal world of the psyche and the lens of psychological thought that we may gain a better perspective of the fusion of creativity and knowledge that we have come to call the heroic figure.Creative experience and its expression cannot last without some contextual framework by which it is understood and appreciated. The very survival of all that is creative depends upon such knowledge. Just as a bird released from its detain must eventually return to roost or perish in the wilderness so must our creative thoughts and imaginings eventually return to the reality of the bodily world and the causal laws that govern it. This is the very nature of that which we call learning and it is in such a way that creative thought gains relevance and weight, becoming fragment of our conscious reality. It is through this relationship between creativity and knowledge, between that which we imagine and that which we know, that we may gain a greater understanding of the heroic figure and its cultural significance.The archetype of the hero is an expression of our imagination as well as a reflection of our experience. Carl Jung develops this idea in his essa... ...ranz, M-L. Science and the Unconscious. Man and His Symbols. Ed. Carl G. Jung. New York Doubleday, 1964. 304-310.Henderson, Joseph L. quaint Myths and Modern Man.Man. Ed. Jung. 104-157.Hughes, Kristen E. I Will Be My Own Hero. En counters Essays for Exploration and Inquiry. Ed. Pat C. Hoy II and Robert DiYanni. Boston McGraw-Hill, 2000. 50-54.Jung, Carl G. Approaching the Unconscious. Man. Ed. Jung. 72-73. The Archetypes and the Collected Unconscious.The Collected Works of C.G. Jung. second ed. Ed. Carl G. Jung. London Routledge, 1990. 393-417.On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry.The Advanced College Essay. Ed. Don Golini. Boston. McGraw-Hill. 2002. 170-188.OBrien, Tim. How to Tell a True War Story. Advanced.Ed. Golini. 439-557.Policewomans Remains Found at throw Center. The New York Times. 21 Mar. 2002 B4.

Life, Death, and the Heroic Archetype Essay -- Heroes Hero Essays

Life, Death, and the Heroic Archetype The heroic archetype is a imaginative expression borne of the individuals desire to know and to understand the uncontrollable and often chaotic world in which he lives. In the popular culture of America we great deal find many reflections of the heroic figure in writing, in the graphic art of comic books, and most certainly in the aftermath of September 11th, heroes atomic number 18 ever present. Our cultural champions speak to our collective need to make sense of the nonsensical and to establish order in both our external and internal worlds. indeed it is through the internal world of the psyche and the lens of psychological thought that we may gain a better perspective of the fusion of creativity and fellowship that we have come to call the heroic figure.Creative experience and its expression cannot exist without some contextual framework by which it is understood and appreciated. The very pick of all that is creative depends upon such kn owledge. Just as a bird released from its cage must eventually return to roost or perish in the wilderness so must our creative thoughts and imaginings eventually return to the reality of the corporeal world and the causal laws that govern it. This is the very nature of that which we call learning and it is in such a way that creative thought gains relevance and weight, becoming part of our conscious reality. It is through this relationship between creativity and knowledge, between that which we work out and that which we know, that we may gain a greater understanding of the heroic figure and its cultural significance.The archetype of the hero is an expression of our imagination as well as a reflection of our experience. Carl Jung develops this idea in his essa... ...ranz, M-L. Science and the Unconscious. Man and His Symbols. Ed. Carl G. Jung. New York Doubleday, 1964. 304-310.Henderson, Joseph L. Ancient Myths and Modern Man.Man. Ed. Jung. 104-157.Hughes, Kristen E. I Will Be My Own Hero. Encounters Essays for Exploration and Inquiry. Ed. puke C. Hoy II and Robert DiYanni. Boston McGraw-Hill, 2000. 50-54.Jung, Carl G. Approaching the Unconscious. Man. Ed. Jung. 72-73. The Archetypes and the Collected Unconscious.The Collected Works of C.G. Jung. 2nd ed. Ed. Carl G. Jung. London Routledge, 1990. 393-417.On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry.The Advanced College Essay. Ed. enter Golini. Boston. McGraw-Hill. 2002. 170-188.OBrien, Tim. How to Tell a True War Story. Advanced.Ed. Golini. 439-557.Policewomans Remains Found at Trade Center. The New York Times. 21 Mar. 2002 B4.

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English Holiday Homework Sample Essay

1. Read the supplementary reader Robinson Crusoe.Make a meter reading Passport (atleast 6 pages)Find out more about the author and his works and write about it.Character sketch of Robinson CrusoeMy favourite character(from the contain)Summary of the book .2. Project Work (P.P.T)ROLL NO. 1 TO 25 (Power Point Presentation)Topic The concept of funfilled vacations has changedIntroduction ideal of vacation in pastConcept of vacation at presentDifference between the twoReasons for changeConclusionROLL NO. 26 ONWARDSTopic- Role models can check livesImportance of role modelsWho is your role model and why?His/Her achievement in lifeInspiration for you.Quotations3. Prepare a speech in about 200-250 speech (for SA1 assessment) Any one topica. Todays generation is a self centred generation.b. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.c. Success means- ordinary heap doing extraordinary things4. Compose a poem on teenagers. About 10-15 lines. ( half pastel sheet/chart paper)The Life Of A Teenage Girl Elise take in how shes changed,Look how shes grown,The personality changesI should have cogniseThe make up she wears,Each day it gets thickerWhy is she doing this?To grow up fast?The days she comes inShe runs to her roomIs it really possible,Too feel so much gloom?The tears in her eyes,Her heart as it breaksShe will envision to realizeHer minor mistakesI cuddle her inI miss times like thisThe young girl that smiledMy gorgeous Little miss instanter her dancing, and prancingThe games we did playHer sorrow, it drifts memoriesSo many miles awayI call her downAs I do each timeTo ask her to share with meThe troubles of her premier(a)The response was differentTo the one I used to knowShe stared up at meShe was beginning to let goThe stories she toldThe rumours shed heardNo applaud my princessHad not said a wordThe thing she said nextOpened my eyesTo a world Id never knownA world of hurt and hated and liesMum she saidAs the tales unfurledThis is the life,Of a Teenage Gir l1.Source http//

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Recruiting and Selecting Employees Who Look Good and Sound Right Essay

Present day business industry is highly dependent on the general success of the people within government activitys who ar commonly referred to as the human option. Important to none is that the human resource perspective is defined at a lower place two categories within whatever devoted organization firstly there is the employees of an organization themselves and secondly the people in management who atomic number 18 responsible for promoting the congeal of the organization through ensuring that human aspects within an organization are satis factor outily taken care of (Fernandez-Araoz, Groysberg and Nohria 2009 ). With regards to the aforementioned details, the human resource department is unremarkably tasked with the indebtedness of bringing in late employees whose skills sets suit an organizations mandate and values in general through a rigorous enlisting and pickax process. During the recruitment and selection process of prospecting employees, companies usually set a government agency on a hunting missionary work for the crme de la crme who are ready(prenominal) in the cable search market. How an mortal who is in pursuit of a job opportunity dresses and carries themselves in an oppugn and further their conversational skills undischargedly determine whether or not an organization will hire them this is what is described as tone good and straiting upright in this paper.How an employee is dressed decimates into how they think and colligate with customers in an organization thereby offering quality usefulnesss and creating a conducive business environment in return. The underlying chapters of this paper will be keen on reflecting on the prospects and influences of dressing smart and sounding right with an inference on analysis and compilations from multiple academic literatures on the same issuing while at the same time illustrating the influences of feeling good and sounding right through the lens or organizational examples. Havi ng a human resource that thinks right and has an exquisite recruitment strategy in place is what defines organizations competitive edge in the current market it is every organizations dream that its employees appearance influences how the customers relate to the comp whatever on a broader perspective thus promoting their brand in the long run (Warhurst 2012).The prospect of tone good and sounding right within organizationsHuman resource practitioners will agree to the fact that a great deal of time goes into activities and processes related to to recruiting and selecting new staff for a exceptional position in an organization. M all at times the long durations tied to recruitment are connected to the paragon of companies to not only want to source for staff who are knowledgeable about what their companies deal in but also look the part of each given brand and are easily onward motionable by customers. Staff selection during a recruitment process of an organization is one of th e most alert decisions that the organizations take aim to undertake to ensure that their normal operations are running smoothly (Taylor 2008). Businesses defend to know what they are clearly looking for in an employee forrader signing them up, not only how red-hot the skills of an individual seeking employment look will determine the long-term success of an organization and recruitment of the square up person but also the most important aspect is how they look and how they carry themselves while conversing with customers in an actual business setting (Quast 2012).It is critical that organizations have systems and a recruitment process in place which is equal to(p) of accessing how the applicators of a particular proposition job opening portray these traits before their full time submergence by any organization. Take the case of Richer Sounds an electrical retail chain store with over 53 stores across the nation it has in place a three stage recruitment process for new staff s eeking any job opportunities within the company. The first stage of recruitment involves placement of ads at the stores windows and also through the company website where people who are interested are requested to e-mail a CV to the company. The former kind of advertisement principally targets people who pay attention to their brand and customers who are regular visitors to the shop thus are knowledgeable about the products (Fisher 2014). On the other hand, the latter advertisement is aimed to attend to a greater pool of applicants irrespective of their familiarity with Richer Sounds products. Considering the advertisement strategies imposed at this point, it is evident that a great pool of applicants will be voluntary to be signed the most integral part of this initial stage is demonstrated through a store managers initial interview who is keen on sorting the applicants to remain with those who look the part through analysis of their dress code and personality. Operations direct or John Clayton suggests that, Richer sounds hires on the terra firma of personality then later train for skills (Martin and Whiting 2010). These instance posters a scenario where people get accessed on the stand of how they look even before a company takes a look and considers an individuals qualifications.Second in line of the recruitment strategy is a paid trial day for an applicant which in some circumstances stretches beyond the one day period. Here, the applicant is accessed on whether or not they are consistent in their dressing and how they sound when conversing with customers. Upon completion of the trial stage, other members of a particular store are asked on their opinion of what they think about a new recruit and whether they represent the companys aspect of looking good and sounding right (Nickson and Dutton 2005). Last in queue of the recruitment process is stage three where an applicants qualifications are now accessed to see how suitable they are for the job after considering that the individuals personality is suitable for Richer Sounds. From the Richer Sounds case, it is evident that the way companies approach their recruitment processes over the years has greatly revolved and now companies are keen on how an individual looks and how their conversations sound before customers. Irrespective of the costs of recruitment, companies are willing to dig deep into their financial coffers so that they can get the right group of employees Williamson argues that, it is arguably more expensive hiring wrong people in an organization as opposed to the cost of having a stringent recruitment strategy in place that is time consuming (McMillan 2014). Richer Sounds is just one among the many companies that are currently inclined towards accessing applicants for job openings on the grounds of how they look and opulence they execute through their conversations with customers.On a broader perspective, how an individual looks has a great influence on the operati ons of people within different organizations important in the process of advocating for employees who look good is an employer who serves up to their word of promoting smart dressing for the workplace by leading as the actual ambassador of what their brand should be defined as. Looking good while pursuing a job opportunity has positive impacts and a higher probability one is going to achieve the job, people will ascribe good qualities on the prospect of your perceive appearance thus want to always associate their company with an individual who looks good. A Macquarie University research carried out in both the join Kingdom and United States suggests that looking good improves the chances of one scoring a job opportunity and also is responsible for boosting ones career once they are employ in different organizations (Arkin 2007). The research further suggested that employees who look good and sound right are usually rated highly by their employers and the probability of them losin g their jobs is usually minimal. In essence, looking good attracts a myriad of premium rewards for both the person and organization at large whereas those who are unattractive and have a measly personality in most situations lose out on several job opportunities (Boxall 2008).Moreover, having in place a clearly defined staff is the list component that ensures customers to a particular organization have a clearly defined experience that warrants their coming back for the same services once once more and consequently creates a solid positive internal culture of an organization. It is model that organizations have a culture that existing employees are well versed with so that when the recruitment process for new staff is commenced, it is one that runs smoothly. New recruits to any given organization should find in place, a culture where staff are usually well dressed and converse excellently with customers thereby prompting an easier transitioning process for new staff into the oper ations of an organization. Efficiently articulating a particular dress code for existing staff is key in determining and sourcing for new recruits who will promote the same culture and easily get acclimatized with the practices of any given organization which in return will yield positive results for the same company (Churchard 2010). Indeed, some positions within an organization do require employees with a particular set of skills usually defined as experience and qualifications for a specific job but setting out a hunt on this basis is the first step that organizations usually make during their recruitment process companies should attend to the recruitment process with a different perception where the individuals role is assessed for they are buying into the persons character and not their qualifications. Possessing both this attributes is a plus for any prospecting employee and is a sure combined package to stigma one a job (Faccini and C 2010).Arguably, the perception of looki ng good and sounding right in a respectable number of business circles usually refers to an individuals physical appearance, a definition that has triggered a trend of the working class turning to the gym as a means of staying fit. The service sector for instance has rampantly changed over the years where unlike the previous years where service providers never met their customers currently employees are always in never-ending contact with their customer a fact that influences the affect for staff to dress the part and portray their organization in positive light (Emott 2007). How affluent and economic an employees speech is determines the placement of any given company as a brand to all its customers which is greatly dependent on the employees. The enforcement and prescription for employees to make up both the aspects of looking and sounding good is referred to as aesthetic labour and this characteristics play an integral point of how new employees to any organization relate wit h customers. Companies have learnt that before their recruitment process, that for the success of any business to be achieved, recruitment of workers should be expressively based on labour aesthetics of any individual before they are taken in. Finding and incorporating the right people with this kind of characteristics is a daunting task for many organizations and the only means of recruiting an individual with the right skill set involves having in place a well structured selection system during the recruitment process (Hofstede 1997). However, the daunting recruitment process does not stop at this point, it is equivocally difficult to select out a specific candidate who suits the needed requirements for your organization.Fast forward to the case of come near collection of companies which has a human resource policy that the company abides by whenever any recruitment is being carried out in their group of companies across the world (Kaplan 1992). Their recruitment processes is re spectful of the varied legislation practices of different countries but above all the recruitment strategy is underpinned under the mantra of looking good and sounding right as a means of selecting new recruits into various positions of their wide range of companies across the globe. Underpinned in the promotion of its human resource policy, is the responsibility for employees of the organization to be capable of satisfying the needs of its customers (Hutchinson 2003). The human resource department is tasked with the requisite responsibility of proposing individuals that suit the aforementioned requirements. Furthermore, the near Group has in place a mentorship course of study that offers guidance to new recruits into the organization so that the companys mission statement can be achieved in the simplest ways possible after estimation of recruits on the basis of how they look and sound good before the customers (Letmathe 2008). This partnership and mentorship programme between ex isting staff and new incoming staff is an competent means that has been in use for a very long period of time for people recruitment and their management in general.The recruitment cases of both Nestle Group and Richer Sounds demonstrates that companies are currently turning to the looking good and sounding good trait in applicants as a means of selecting who is suitable for any given position within their organizations (Paton 2008 ). This trend has been fuelled by the fact that there exists a broader pool of unemployed individuals with right qualifications but they cannot secure for themselves any jobs looking good and sounding right is the ideal means used to disqualify this wide pool of applicants. Looking good and sounding right has become the ideal filtering tool for companies when they are sourcing and on a search for new employees through a well structured recruitment process. Irrespective of the fact that recruitment of new staff by the human resource department is a diffic ult task, clearly defining what the human resource management is looking for in a customer then crafting a description of the same as a recruitment step is usually instrumental in attracting the right cadre of individuals any given company is keen on hiring despite the fact that there are many people out there looking for jobs. Looking out for these two qualities in individuals is the first step towards narrowing down the wide numbers of applicants for any given job so that any companys job opening can remain with only potential clients that can meet the values of the company while at the same time promoting the mission statement of the same company. Categorical in the recruitment process and requirements for applicants is the prospect of an applicant having passion for whatever job they are trying to achieve, their commitment to any given company, their general problem-solving skills and lastly any relevant experience they have in the field being advertised (Ritzer 1985).Clearly ou tlining what as an organization you need in an applicant is instrumental in helping organizations know how attentive applicants are to detail as opposed to only looking at their recuperate which offers little or rather basic information about an individual. Before conceptualizing and kick-starting any particular recruitment and selection process, an organization must first correct its strategy to be relatively inclined to the values of the organization and is fully supportive of the organizations culture. Pre-employment testing like the case of Richer Sounds is an ideal way in determining whether or not a company is making a wise decision by investing into an individual with the set capabilities of looking good and sounding right so that an organization can fully accrue its set goals (Gilmore 2000). The people recruitment strategy is a determining factor on whether a company is going to succeed or fail and also influential on how employees develop during their stay in a particular organization thus there general motivation that in return bears fruit through excellent service delivery to customers. New recruits embodying the prospect of looking good and sounding right is highly dependent on how the company itself is culturally inclined towards the promotion these two traits.ReferencesArkin, Anderson. Street Smart . People counselling , 2007 28-29.Boxall, . Purcell. Strategy and Human Resource Management. London Houndsmills Palgrave McMillan , 2008.Churchard, Christopher. Power brokers. People Management , 2010 38-40.Emott, Drucker. CSR Laid Bare . Harper Business , 2007 14-32.Faccini, R., and Hackworth C. Changes in output, employment and wages during recesrecessions in the UK . Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, 2010 43-50.Fernandez-Araoz, Claudio, Boris Groysberg, and Nitin Nohria. The Definitive Guide to Recruiting . Harvard Business Review , 2009 14-21.Fisher, Annie. How to spot the right cultural fit in a job interview. August 8, 2014. http//fortune. com/2014/08/08/job-interview-cultural-fit/ (accessed January 16, 2015).Gilmore, Stewart. The McDonaldization of connection New Century Edition. London Pine Forge Press, 2000.Hofstede, George. Cultures and Organisations Software of the Mind. London McGraw Hill , 1997.Hutchinson, Purcell. HR roles and responsibilities the 2010 IRS survey. IRS Employment Review , 2003 14-17.Kaplan, Norton. The balanced scorecard. Harvard Business Review , 1992 71-79.Letmathe, P. Brabeck. The Nestle HR Policy Report . Policy Report , New York Ndestlesy Inc. , 2008.Martin, Malcolm, and Fiona Whiting. Human Resource Practice . In recruitment and Selection , by Tricia Jackson, 109-157. London CIPD , 2010.McMillan, Andrew. Recruitment at Richer Sounds . London Cambridge University Press , 2014.Nickson, Dennis, and Eli Dutton. The importance of attitude and appearance in the service encounter in retail and hospitality. Managing Service Quality, 2005 195-204.Paton, Oliver. Gen Up How the Four Generatio ns act as Together,. Joint Survery Report , London CIPD , 2008 .Quast, Lisa. Companies Are Using Social Media In The Hiring Process. May 21, 2012. http// (accessed January 17, 2015).Ritzer, Solomon. Packaging the service provider. Service Industries Journal, 1985 65-72.Taylor, Kate. Recruiting and Hiring Top-Quality Employees. August 23, 2008. http// name/76182 (accessed January 16, 2015).Warhurst, Chris. Employee Screening nad Selection . References for Business , 2012 134-152.Source document

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Milk and Snack Fresh Fruit

Explain how to prepare and store food, principle and front take out safely fit in to health and safety guidelines. Babies between the ages of birth to 24 months demand immune systems that are still developing, leaving them more susceptible to germs and bacteria. Bacteria that comes in extend to with an older child or adult may non have the same impact that it will have on a baby, which is why it is extremely important that food safety be managed diligently.In my setting, food is prepared, stored and cooked hygienic entirelyy. Kitchen area is clean all the time and anyone handling foods have Food & Safety Certificate and nigh personal hygiene. Anyone handling food washes her/his hands with hot water and soap before touching any foods. We have colour codes for chopping boards, knives cleaning up equipments much(prenominal) as mops etc. Aprons ad hats are essential to wear in food area.We provide food for babies in our setting so parents are not allowed to bring any food becau se of allergies We store the baby food on room temperature only till one hour and at that place is no admit physical contact with food(aprons and gloves are used ). We sterilise cutlery on daily basis.Storing food at right temperatureWe store food in refrigerator at right temperature which is 0 degree centigrade to 5 degree centigrade. We store food in deep freezer at -18 degree centigrade or below.Preparing order feedWe make current all the bottles are sterilised before use.Then we boil the kettle and fill the bottle up to required amount, for example I adopt to make 5 ounces milk, I will fill the bottle up to 5 ounces, add 5 scoops of milk powder, shake it well, let it cool shore and check the temperature on the back of my wrist. Formula milk is ready to use if the temperature is right for child to use.Storing formula milkAccording to the latest recommendation from the Department of Health, formula milk is made fresh rather than being made up in advance and stored. For outin gs, we take boiled water (at least 70 degree centigrade) and formula milk powder with us Storing breast milkIf any parent brings breast milk for her child, we store this milk properly in fridge at 4 degree centigrade according to recommended guideline. Expressed breast milk is stored in sterile bottles or containers to prevent bacteria growth and is always handled with clean hands. We store breast milk only for one day. We shake bottle properly before using.Identify balanced meals, snacks and drinks for children in their early years, following current government guidance on nutritional needs. The term balanced diet is often used in connection with healthy eating. A balanced diet is one in which there are sufficient nutrients in the right quantities for children and adults (Penny Tassoni). Within the welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage there is a requirement that, where children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks, they must(prenominal) be healthy, balanc ed and nutritious.However, even with proper guidance it is clear that there is a need for training on infant and toddler nutrition for all practitioners in childcare settings, to help them to interpret guidelines for the production of nutritionally balanced meals and snacks. Healthy eating for under-fives differs significantly from that for school-age children and adults. For growth, young children need a plentiful microbe of energy from carbohydrates and racys, alongside protein, vitamins and minerals.This can be achieved by ensuring that, every day, children eat from the four main food groups bread, cereals and potatoes fruit and vegetables milk and dairy foods meat, fish, eggs and vegetarian proteins (e.g beans, pulses, soya). Children normaly do not get enough calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin D & E. Sources of these nutrients are listed below Fiber- whole grains, fruits and vegetables Vitamin E nuts, contactds, wheat germ oil and vegetable oils Calcium- lo w fat and fat free dairy products, rhubarb, spinach, collard greens, and sardines Magnesium- whole grains, nuts, pumpkin seeds, and white, black, navy beans Potassium- legumes, potatoes, dried apricots, beet greens, prune juice and dairy products Vitamin D- sunshine, fortified dairy and juice, cod liver oil, salmon, tuna and mackerel Menu is planned very carefully in my setting considering childrens age and food requirements.Here is the sample menu for a week.Mon Mid Morning raciness gratifying take eat Our Popular Fruity Chicken Curry served with RiceFruity Vegetable Curry served with Rice (V) Dessert Fruity Jam Tarts Afternoon sting Banana Slices Tea Tuna Pasta Salad served with Tomatoes and Cucumber Dessert Chocolate Chip Biscuit Tue Mid Morning Snack Cheesy Crackers Lunch Creamy Salmon Fish Pie served with seasonal VegetablesCreamy Vegetable Pie served with seasonal Vegetables (V) Dessert Moorish Chocolate Brownies Afternoon Snack Fresh Fruit Tea Asiatic Tomato Soup ser ved with fresh Bread Dessert Fresh Scones served with Strawberry Jam and Fresh Cream Wed Mid Morning Snack Fresh Fruit Lunch Polish Kabanos Sausage Casserole, served with BreadQuorn and Vegetable Sausage Casserole, served with Bread (V) Dessert Swirly Cheesecake Afternoon Snack Tortilla Chips Tea Chicken or Quorn Bites served with a seasonal Salad Dessert Juicy Pineapple upside down Cake Thur Mid Morning Snack Variety of Maize Snacks Lunch chili Con Carne served with RiceVegetable Chilli Con Carne served with Rice (V) Dessert Sweet Bread Pudding Afternoon Snack Fresh Fruit Tea Selection of soft filled rolls, served with tender lettuce and Cucumber Dessert Mini Banana Muffins Fri Mid Morning Snack Fresh Fruit Lunch Cheesey Courgette and Polenta Bake served with Cauliflower Florets(V) Dessert Fruit Crumble and low sugar Custard Afternoon Snack Healthy Baked Bites Tea Mini Jacket Potatoes filled with Cheesy Baked Beans DessertSmooth Fruit YogurtIf you see the menu ,you will know that children are getting correct amount of required nutrients everyday. Milk and water is essential for snack time to make sure children are getting correct amount of Calcium and Vitamin D.Babies have organic carrot sticks (very soft crisps) and cracker bread for snack. Some babies dont have snack. They have their milk bottles. Rest of the food, they have same but we make sure that everything is mashed up properly.

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Literary Analysis of Macbeth

Literary Analysis of Macbeth Having a lust for queen back end ready a loss in many things. Its as if youre in a win-lose situation. In this case, the play Macbeth written by Shakespeare has scholars sayings, The lust for power by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth led to a loss of humanity. With that said, I totally agree with their view. Both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth went out of their way to even killing power Duncan and burdening the murder on his guardsmen. Even though thats a common human act, you scarce dont do something like that. Its just so wrong.The acts of both these people are very evil and violent, in which causes Macbeth to move from one act of endangerment to another just to protect himself from a with child(p) disaster which I likely consider his death to be it. Lady Macbeth is like a tag along buddy. She is like a huge luck hand to Macbeth and ends up dying on her way to the top with him. Both of their desires for high royalty led themselves to death. So, as said lustin g for power is very baneful to oneself unless done in a proper way meaning without anyone croakting hurt.The prophecies from the three witches which take place in the woods are what started Macbeth to lose his judging and soon after Lady Macbeth. With the encounter of the witches, they greeted Macbeth as, Hail to thee Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and nance here-after. The title he has now is Thane of Glamis, but he doesnt understand how he could shoot the title of Thane of Cawdor, when actually Macbeth only led great power Duncans forces to victory, so considering that the Thane of Cawdor still lives, theres no way he can get that title.Being called King here-after definitely got his head pumped up with adrenaline to seek more questions and answers. Soon after the witches vanish, the noblemen of Scotland Ross and Angus were sent by King Duncan to tell Macbeth of the execution of the Thane of Cawdor and to grant Macbeth of the title. With that said, Macbeth was shocked th at the prophecy had precipitate true. So, after one prediction, hes hoping for another-in which it is to become King of Scotland. With the visit to King Duncan, the King announces that his son Malcolm leave behind be heir to the throne.In Macbeths foreland, all he can think about is murdering the King and all that will come along with it. Macbeth sends a letter to his wife telling of all that has happened and to prepare for the Kings visit. In order to keep the murder in her mind she doesnt want anything to get in her way, so she even goes to the point of seeking evil and not wanting to be a women-afraid of the feminine shipway which will interfere in the murder. When Lady Macbeth says, Come, you spirits/ That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, / And fill me, from the cr knowledge to the toe, top-full/ Of direst roughnessMake thick my kindred (I v ll. 44-47) it shows how far Lady Macbeth is willing to go to make sure her husband and herself gets to the top. She even goes to the point to call upon the spirits to unsex her and fill her with cruelty to make sure that here feminine ways dont cause the plan to go wrong. A huge act of lusting for power victorious place which led to a loss of humanity was when the killing of King Duncan actually took place. The way he died was very unfortunate for Scotland but at to the lowest degree he died without torture. Lady Macbeths plan was to get King Duncans guardsmen drunk in which she did.That then led to an open path to walk in and carry out the murder of the King. However, a weakness rose for Lady Macbeth the resemblance of her father was seen in the King and led her to backtrack. With the guardsmen drunk to a put in of sleep, Macbeth then moves in for the kill. He takes the guardsmen blade, goes in and stabs King Duncan in his sleep. With that done, Lady Macbeth puts the sword back with the guardsmen, seeing that Macbeth has been cowardly traumatized of what he had done and cannot re develop the sword ba ck to the Kings guardsmen.The aftermath soon takes place with Macduff soon getting suspicious of Macbeth. Another prophecy is put into Macbeths mind about when the witches say Banquos children will rule while Macbeths does not. Now, keep in mind that Banquo is like Macbeths best friend. But, do you think that will stop Macbeth from doing anything worse? No, he doesnt care about Banquo, as a matter of fact not even anyone now that he thinks he is unstoppable. Macbeth soon sends his people to kill Banquo and his son Fleance. Banquo is dead, but Fleance manages to escape.With the plan to kill Banquo and Fleance in his mind, he does not say anything to his wife and so that leaves her on her own. When he tells his wife, And with thy bloody and invisible hand/ Cancel and tear to pieces that great bond/ Which keeps my pale Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill. / So prithee go with me. (III ii ll. 53-55/60-61) he shows how bad he is really lusting to get to the top. Hell even br eak that bond of good friendship with Banquo to get it. By ill-fated events, Macbeth mean that things will be stronger in whatever takes place of those events.The turning point of this unit ordeal is when Macbeth shouldve drew the line when deciding that he would murder abattoir Macduffs family. He just went over the edge with this plan. In my opinion, Macbeth has just lost it. To go and murder someones family is as if your planning your own death. As Macduff has gone to England and Macbeth is getting suspicious of him, he seeks the killing of the family. You can guarantee retaliation is amongst Macduff when he finds out all this. Another shocking turn of events is when Macbeth learns of Lady Macbeths death. He had shown little emotion.His lust for power caused him to even care little of the suicidal murder of his Lady. Macbeth ends up dying in the more or less horrible way. During battle against Malcolm and Macduffs troops, he ends up getting his head chopped off by Macduff. Mac beth died like a tyran he is. As you can see, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth had this great amount of lust, desire, want, and craving for power. They got everything, but as a result lives have been lost. While Lady Macbeth has her new title as queen, she belatedly seems like she isnt enjoying it, and the reason for that is due to the fact that her guilty conscience followed up on her little by little.She felt like what she did was wrong as in killing King Duncan and lying to everyone. She couldnt even take it anymore that it caused her to lose her mind and commit suicide. Macbeth, in my opinion throughout this whole play sets him up to die from the start. It was like he wrote his own death. Both these two lost their mind completely, almost un-human like. Overall, as you can see, all the events of onerous to gain power caused all these tragic events.

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Life of Pi and Religion

In the first part of Life of Pi, Pi Patel tells the ratifier about important memories from his childhood before the ship accident and his adventure as a castaway at sea. It is from these memories that we see a real developing of Pis character we come to expose understand his thoughts and standings on life, religion, and the knowledge he gained from his family and others. One of his many musings about religion and the integration of it into our lives appears in Chapter 22, where he describes the terminate of two individuals lives.Both see a white light overtaking them. One person recognizes that it is God, in unmatchable form or another, overtaking them and draft them in from their moral life, and they bring believers. The other stays stubborn in his scientific reasoning, and dismisses the white light as a visual phenomenon that is caused by a lack of oxygen to his central nervous system. Pi does not necessarily dismiss either as false, but claims that the scientific person lack (ed) imagination and miss(ed) the relegate part of the story.This is precisely one of the major ideas of Life of Pi, that despite what life throws at you, you fundament choose how you perceive macrocosm and make a better story out of it, should you choose to do so. Pi sees religion as one of the greatest ways to engage the human imagination and take large advantage of life. It would appear as though Pi is claiming that even if religion isnt true, it is more(prenominal) exciting to live your life as though it were than to live with the encephalon of an atheist, that there is a better story through a life of religion.And this may well be true, that belief in a higher aspire is more fulfilling than belief in our existence being a natural phenomenon devoid of God. But if you choose religion to be your story, and then does it truly become reality? In the case of Pi, he tells us that we can shape our reality. But to truly analyze this statement, we must define reality. Though Pi s uggests that reality is a truth based on private perspective, common sense affirms otherwise.There is reality, in the sense of what truly has taken place, and there is what people believe, they can be unified or separate of one another, but to be both would be a paradox. If there were no reality underlying life, then we would need no judicial systems in the world, for certainly if the accused believes they are innocent, then we should not dare call them false by the convictions of our own reality. No one could lie either, for reality would be relative to perspective and one cannot expect his or her own reality to align with the other partys reality.Furthermore, we could not compensate children for stealing from one another, for they truly believe that they should take what they want, and we must not punish them for scarce living out their own reality. There is much shopping centre lacking in Pis statement, but such is to be expected in his case. It is important to consider one f act in all that he says-the storys screen background is during his childhood. For one so young in the world, he speaks rather firmly on some considerable matters, of religion and how to live a fulfilling life.Pi dialog as though he had lived a lifetime-worth of social and religious observations that give him qualification to speak so adamantly. Yet he is not stubborn, or narrow-minded, he simply has faith in himself. This mindset of faith in self can be expected from a person of any religion, which includes Pi since, basically, he has created a religion of his own, one that involves the idea of incorporating other religions. More importantly, children also hold this view, a belief in their own perspective.The story with the animals is certainly the more preferable story to read. If the book were made from the second story, it would be quite boring. But this is not to say that the second story is not the better one. Yann Martel simply chose to write the first one with more embellis hment and elements that create a good story, a more positive story of steadfast courage and personal triumph. He wrote the second story to sound blockish, usurious, and unpleasantly real.The second story is the reality and the first one is Pis askew take on reality. I do however think that if you incorporate the first story into the character of Pi in the second story, therefore making the second story more story-like by giving Pi characterization, the second story would be the better one, and the most real. It would be a tale of a castaway, who must endure the mutilation of other castaways, one being his mother, at the hand of a deranged Frenchman, who evidentially dies, leaving the boy alone in the lifeboat.But through all of this, the boy imagines that he is glide on an incredible journey with animals, and they see many wondrous things, and through his struggles comes to look back on the journey as the one with animals, and not the horrid truth. Ah, but wait-that is the true st ory of the Life of Pi, the third story, the one that is not told explicitly but is instead derived by the combining of truth and perspective to twine an ultimate reality.

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Black Hawk Down Analysis

In the 1990s, Somalia is undergoing a famine along with a civil war. many civilians fork out died as a result of the war, and so the UN has intervened and started a peacekeeping operation there, with a base just outside Mogadishu. Unfortunately, the Somalis, distrusful of the UN, piss declared war on everyone involved in the operation. In response to this, the US force deploys Delta Force to aimed at undermining the power of the president of Somalia. They plan a mission to fix Omar Salad Elmi and Abdi Hassan Awale Qeybdiid, two of the Presidents top advisers.The operation is planned out, and everything seems foolproof. sooner they leave however, a lieutenant is removed from duty due to a seizure, and so a less experienced soldier must take his mail and lead the crew. Delta Force is deployed to capture the two workforce in Mogadishu, and all goes according to plan. Helicopters are flown in over the city, and they can see tires burning, which is the Somalis signaling that they were coming. They then convince a taxi driver to show them where the two men will be, and they go in with helicopters and ar more(prenominal)d vehicles.They successfully capture the two advisers, and wait for the extraction team to come pull them out of the hostile territory. On the way of life, the extraction team takes heavy fire, and one of the helicopters is hit with an RPG. It goes into a tailspin and hits a rooftop before seting into a street. Two of the passengers in the helicopter crawl out and away, but the other two have extensive injuries and have to stay in the helicopter. Another helicopter is told to take the place of the one that went down.This helicopter is quickly shot down as well, but lands with less injuries. At this point the armored vehicles are diverted from the path of retrieving the two captured men and told to go to the offset disassemble site, retrieve the soldiers there, and then move to the second crash site and secure it. On the way to the crash sit e, one of the armored vehicles is hit by an RPG, and men are thrown out of it. The convoy cabbage and retrieves the wounded, but in the process another soldier is shot. Throughout the mission, the armored convoy is being given directions by a plane overhead.At this point, the confusion is likewise great and the directions are inaccurate. Roadblocks are being set up by the Somalis, which makes it impossible for the convoys to reach the crash sites. Unbeknownst to the ground forces, the convoys give up severe to reach the crash sites and head back to the UN safe zone, in the stadium. Meanwhile, ground forces are also trying to reach the crash sites. A group of men reach the starting signal crash site, and set up a defensive perimeter around it, with the base inside the house that the helicopter crashed into.They attempt to take the wounded soldiers, and hold back Somali forces. At the second crash site, two snipers are dropped in by helicopter to try to retrieve the wounded. They move up one soldier injured and alive, but as night falls, both of them are killed and the injured soldier is taken captive. Under cover of darkness, the Somalis attack the first crash site, but air support from the military holds them back until help can arrive. A relief convoy arrives and rescues the wounded, but many of the soldiers are compel to run back to the stadium.As they arrive, they are greeted with hundreds of smiling and cheering Somalis. In the end, there were 19 American, and over 1,000 Somali casualties. The injured soldier that was captured at the helicopter crash site was released almost two weeks later. The two snipers that went in to retrieve the injured soldier were awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. Soon after, the president of Somalia was killed in a appointment with a rival group. The following day, the general in control of the operation resigned. In terms of accuracy, most of this movie is biased toward the Americans.In the beginning, there is a d ead reckoning where the Americans are flying over the UN food supply trucks that were sent in to feed Somalia, and in this scene, Aidids men mercilessly gun down civilians in order to take the food trucks. In reality, that event never even happened. Throughout the whole movie, director Ridley Scott added and took away events to delude the viewer into believing that the Somalis were roughshod people who had no motive, and just wanted to be in control. When this war actually happened, there were two phases of UN involvement.The movie mixes them together in a way that suits its purpose. Phase one was actually a benevolent move by the UN food trucks were brought in an attempt to feed the starving citizens of Somalia. This lasted for awhile, but not forever. then(prenominal) came phase two, which was the violent phase. The US Army came in to the city with a, military campaign to to install a fresh political system in Somalia. The Somalians resented this. Another, more blatant inaccura cy was when the movie announced onscreen that Aidids militia first killed 24 Pakistani soldiers and then began to target US troops.The opposite of this is actually true. US troops were targeting Aidid before the Pakistanis were killed by a Somali mob. The UN interfered with Aidids affairs before the events of the movie even took place. This omission of information is meant to convince the viewers that the attack on the US troops was unprovoked and aggressive, to indicate that the US was in the right and Aidids army was in the wrong. Also, the movie makes it seem as though this is the first time US troops had engaged in any kind of action in Mogadishu.In actuality, the Delta Force had flown in over Mogadishu many multiplication before to harrass Aidid and his supporters. US troops rotor-washed houses and people in downtown Mogadishu, meaning they would hover above the town in helicopters and blow down structures with the force of the twist around from the rotors. The final and most glaring piece of evidence still remains. Through the entire film, it is not explained why the US troops and Delta Force were met with such military unit and antagonism on the streets of Mogadishu.The movie plot and the way the characters are presented leads the viewer to believe that the Somalians are just naturally aggressive and ferocious people. The real close is that months before, on July 12, 1993, the dominant groups in Mogadishu held a meeting to discuss a peace proposal from a main official at the UN, Jonathan Howe. Many prominent leaders of groups opposed to Aidid were also there. During the meeting, US helicopters attacked the building that the gathering was in, and slaughtered Somali religious leaders and elders.This enraged the Somalis, and so when they met the US troops in the streets of Mogadishu, they took out their full anger and ferocity on them in retaliation for what was done at the meeting. This film is skewed to favor of the US, in order to control viewers t o believe that what the UN did was entirely justifiable, that the Somalis have short fuses and will fight, unprovoked, at the drop of a hat. The viewers of this movie would naturally be led to have a negative attitude toward Somalia, and ultimately in future engagements, be biased towards the US military as heroically on the side of justice.The US military establishment was more than pleased with this depiction of the October 3, 1993 raid on Somalia, in which 18 US soldiers lost their lives and two Black Hawk helicopters were destroyed. As evidence, thousands of videotapes of the film were sent to US military bases abroad and the producer of the movie, Jerry Bruckheimer was widely quoted as telling General John Keane, General, were going to make a movie that you and your army will be proud of. After seeing the film, General Keane told reporters He did that, and we thank him.

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Individual Information Use Paper Essay

In this file of CIS 207 Week 2 Individual Information Use stem you will find the next educationWrite a 700- to 1,050-word written report identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.Explain this use in your current place of employment or an organization you argon familiar with.Describe concerns with right controlling this flow, including keeping it caoutchouc from unauthorized use.Computer Science General CSIndividualInformation Use PaperWrite a 700- to 1,050-word cover identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.Explain this use in your current place of employment or an organization you atomic number 18 familiar with.Describe concerns with properly controlling this flow, including keeping it safe from unauthorized use.Avoid studying for big college exams the night before by victorious in a lot of caffeine or other stimulants. While these things can keep you up and able to study for longer, they will make you rattling deteriorate in the morning. After using chemical stimulants for a while, you will need more and more and that can be damaging to your overall somatogenetic and psychic health.In this file of CIS 207 Week 2 Individual Information Use Paper you willfind the next informationWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.Explain this use in your current place of employment or an organization you are familiar with.Describe concerns with properly controlling this flow, including keeping it safe from unauthorized use.Computer Science General CSIndividualInformation Use PaperWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.Explain To download more course tutorials visit https// studying for big college exams the night before by taking in a lot of caffeine or other stimulants. While these things can keep you up and able to study for longer, they will make you very tired in the morning. After using chemical stimulants for a while, you will need more and more and that can be damaging to your overall physical and mental health.Computer Science General CSIndividualInformation Use PaperWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.Explain this use in your current place of employment or an organization you are familiar with.Describe concerns with properly controlling this flow, including keeping it safe from unauthorized use.

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In the bed department by Anne Enright Essay

Anne Enright is a sophisticated Irish writer who vividly portrays percentage of women and their flavor troubles. In the short romance In the Bed Department Anne Enright creates a bright instance of a innovational cleaning lady depicting her grievances and life hopes. Thesis The short tommyrot portrays the role of ordain and destiny in the life of an ordinary woman, her expectations, loosing hopes and life struggle. The story is related to life and struggle, portraying a woman who has survived the illusions that marriage and generatehood would provide lifelong companionship and identity, and who has come to recognize the existential retirement of all human beings.The important image of the short story, Kitty, is a middle age woman. Anne Enright portrays the development of the character through life chances and grievances faced by Kitty. Her husband had left her and the judge avoided him the house (Enright). She was depressed and her sons did everything achievable to look after her, and then they had made their way here, to outer suburbs and a decent life (Enright). by means of minor characters, the author shows that life chances and draw has a salient impact on human enjoyment and social status.Her sons, a mother, a stranger who calls, Dublin men and a lover are aliens who cannot read and support Kitty. For instance, the character of Tom symbolizes the last chance for her to be happy and loved. Although, They her sons did not expect their mother to seduce old geezers in the front mom, and neither did the geezer (Enright). Desperation and depression are the main themes common in the short story. Events and life experience is descri deal through woman eyes which adds tension and frantic coloring to the story. A specific point of view helps readers to understand grievances and low status of women in modern society.The point of view radiation diagrams readers response forcing them to sympathize with Kitty. A point of view helps readers to feel that that the woman is conquer by life grievances and lack of money. The tone of the short story reflects personal peculiarities and worldview of many women who cannot go beyond low social status and class. The story is full of symbols which help readers to understand the hardship and the role of fate in our life. For instance, a baby can be interpreted as a hope, new life and expectations At first she thought it was the change of life (Enright).The main symbols of fate and loosing hopes are number long dozen and miscarriage. Using these symbols, Enright forces readers to rethink and reevaluate the role of life chances and misfortune an ordinary woman cannot resist. The surface of her story is limpidly clear and beguilingly placid, but her use of it is to enforce by close logic an impossible and a lot very shocking proposition driven with distinct and startling imagery (Fabb 2002). The setting of a bed department can be compared with life of a human Nothing happened in the Bed De partment. peck bought a bed, or they did not buy a bed (Enright). This setting depicts the gap between expected, traditional, usual things and reality people (readers) try to escape. Using this literary device, Enright shows that readers perception of the world is limited by traditions and determine imposed by their society. A bed is a contextual symbol (Fabb 2002) which means family life and great expectations, hopes and life changes for the good Most people buying a bed were in love (Enright). Escalators is the main setting of the story which symbolizes ups and downs of Kittys life.This symbol represents destiny of an ordinary person The up moving stairway always mounting itself stir over stair the down escalator falling like syrup, bury itself slowly in the flatness of the floor (Enright). They can be interpreted as a life chance of every character that marks the significance of the events. Enright pays a special attention to the settings in the story which unveil inner psycho logical state of the characters, follow plot development and conflict resolution, and help the readers labor the idea of loneliness and solitude (Cusk, 2004).The use of stylistic devices and expressive means supports vivid imagination and shrill visional representation of the story. Metaphors and similes help the author to appeal to readers imagination and feelings. The author uses such similes as like a film, falling like syrup, like tombstones in a giant graveyard to shape the atmosphere and underline important of all events and things depicted in the short story. In sum, Enright portrays that an ordinary woman is a passive victim of life circumstances and fate.Imagination is the main technique used by Enright to unveil the main message and support plot development. There are no lengthy descriptions in this story, but symbolic representation is aimed to appeal to imagination of readers and force them to create a picture of modern existence. Enright depicts that in our ordered an d organized world one feels sometimes the need of a change, but she is listless and helpless to change her life suppressed by life circumstances and losing hopes.Works Cited Page Cusk, R. understoods the Word The World Has Many Mothers but Little Sense of What It Might Be to sprain One, Thanks to a Dearth of Serious Writing on the Subject. Rachel Cusk on a celestial sphere of Female Silence and Servitude. New Statesman, Vol. 133, August 23, 2004, p. 34. Enright, A. In the Bed Department. Fabb, N. Language and Literary Structure The lingual Analysis of Form in Verse and Narrative. Cambridge University Press, 2002.

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Managing Financial Resources in Health Essay

IntroductionThis is a enshroud which is scripted base on the concept of fiscal oversight and the business resources in wellness c ar based union (Bryans, 2007). It is aimed to abide emphasis on the impression of cost and control that atomic image 18 available in the fond wellness heraldic bearing settings. It is also necessitate to provide deep examination of the system that be used in the health condole with industry to provide impressive pecuniary and resource fuckment (Groppelli & Angelico, 2000). This experiences that the organization resources are managed effectively to provide adequate returns. 1.1 The principles of costing and business control systemsThere are a number of costing principles and business controls which require the come with to examine its current cost with the bud jerk offed costs. This ensures that on that point is good cost control since the participation go bys its financial resources in accordance with the figure (Mick and John, 2003 ). Costing methods which the go with uses should be the ones which control the participation expenditures. The participation should use bidding system when purchasing its health manage resources since this provides amore profound guideline of procurement procedures (Martin et al, 2010). During the procurement process in that respect should be high level of transparency, legality and due diligence so that the company manages its expenditures and costs cost-efficiently.1.2 Identify culture needed to manage financial resources There are a number of financial and non financial information which are required in the focus of financial resources of the company (Martin et al, 2010). The avail efficiency of this information is precise(prenominal) weighty in costs allocation, decision making and cost control so that the resources of an organization washbasin produce high investment returns. undersidedid and Accurate Accounting learningIt is important for an organization to fetch perfect and transparent report information which outhouse increase the confidence of their users (Watson and Head, 2012). This provides them with an opportunity to make enamor decision which can improve the upbeat of the company (Martin etal, 2010). Accurate information provides the precaution with a clear picture of the profitability, liquidity and efficiency of the company so that the information that the management have reflect a true state of affairs of the company. run a risk Management InformationThe business organization moldiness have deep understanding how it can manage both financial and business risks which are likely to affect its returns. This is necessary in health oversee business organization since it can cause fluctuation in returns which impose the goodwill of the company.Short and recollective term forecastThe health and social sustenance company must have short and vast term projections on the pull up stakess which it plans to achieve. This is important in development of goals and strategies since these long and short term forecasts can moreover be met by dint of establishment of good management strategies (Bryans, 2007). It is also important in the creation and reflexion of budgets which reflects future performance of the company thereby allocating resources which is able to achieve the set objectives.Audit Report InformationThis is also important information which the company critically needs to manage its financial resources (Watson and Head, 2012). The Audit report information is important is providing an assurance whether the company has been congruously managing its financial resource in the past or not (Martin et al, 2010). This can be used to improve the financial management styles which ensure that there is proper allocation of resources based on the audit report. It also influences external stakeholders to have confidence on the company so that they can provide credit or any financial assistance to the compa ny.1.3 Explain the restrictive requirements for managing financial resources Care Quality CommissionThis is a very important regulatory body in UK which forces all health care settings to provide graphic symbol, effective and compassionate health run and ensure that there is constant improvement in healthy care military service delivery (Watson and Head, 2012). It monitors the operation of health and social care settings and regulates the quality of their services.Health care sectorRegulatory monitorThis is a very important regulatory body which monitors the functions of health and social care settings. This ensures that the health care providers are transparent on their duties and fol unkept certain health care procedures when handling patients (Martin et al, 2010). This is important in establishing high level of transparency and accountability in the management of health and care financial resources.NHS Commission BoardThis a is a very important regulatory body which helps hea lth care settings in developing financial plans, budgets and management of run activities (Bryans, 2007). This ensures that the financial resources are used according to the financial plan so there is effective financial control as set out in the health care act.GAAPThis is a regulatory body which requires the company to use accounting principles which are used in the preparation of accounting records (Jones and Atwal, 2009). These ensure that the financial statements are do in accordance with the honor and they can easily be understood by all the users who are not financial experts. 1.4 Evaluate systems for managing financial resources in a health or care organization monetary management is the efficient use of the financial resources to discover the stated objectives of the company. financial management system involves the use of different tools and procedures that authorizes the control, distribution and investment of scarce resources of the company to produce returns (Mart in et al, 2010).Financial systems are very important in generating current financial position of the company. This is through the use accounting procedures and principles which are used in the preparation of accounting records. The current status of accounts shows changes which had been do foe every disbursement (Watson and Head, 2012). The accounting systems such as automated management system ensure that the company bears instantaneous feedback. This reduces the errors which could have been reflected in the financial statements by correcting accounts which fails to balance or in skid of over distribution of resources (Jones and Atwal, 2009).The availability of financial resource management systems also is important inproducing accurate financial reports which reflects true states of affairs and therefore the users of the financial statements can rely on them for decision making. 2.1 What are the diverse sources of income available to CareTech PLC in the financial year in 2013? There are different sources of income for CareTech PLC which they can use to meet its operating costs.Sale of Drugs and separate health care facilitiesThe company generates revenues by change health care facilities to different health acres settings and clinics (Martin et al, 2010). This makes it to raise income which is used to apply its staffs and purchase early(a) important goods which are used in health care industry.Voluntary OrganizationsSome organizations such as charities can provide investment companys to the company in the form of donors to finance other health care projects (Bryans, 2007). These funds can be used as a source of income to pay operating expenses, pervert health care equipments and other health care facilities.National and Local political relationThe local or national government can allocate funds to the company to enhance the provision of health services (Watson and Head, 2012). This financial resource can be used to finance different health project s and provide other basic health services.Private Health InsuranceThis is a source of income to the company by allowing the patients to get medical services which are paid by the insurance companies (Mick and John, 2003). This therefore acts as a very important source of incomes since the insurance company pays the services offered by the company.2.2 Factors that influence Income of the CompanyCentral politics allocationThe allocation of more financial resource increases the income of the company. This makes it to produce quality services since it has high income. governmental SensitivityThe sensitivity of politics in the region also affects the amount of currency the company develops as income (Steven & Sheffrin, 2003). High sensitivityof politics affects the operation of the business and therefore the company receives low income.Ability to manage regional allocationWhen the company has the ability to negotiate effectively for regional allocation of funds, it will receive high allocation which increases its income annually (Martin et al, 2010). The inability to negotiate properly for regional allocation of funds has an electric shock on income. 2.3 Review different types of budget expenditure in CareTech PLC There are very more different types of budget expenditures which are in health and care settings (Groppelli & Angelico, 2000). These include staffing costs, purchase of fixed assets, costs of consumables, loan repayment interest, long term building expenditure, marketing costs, training and health and safety costs. operate Expenditure budgetThis is a very important type of budget expenditure which the company must use (Mick and John, 2003). It ensures that all the service providers of this company are remunerated and receive different rewards which motivate them. nifty Expenditure budgetThe company must incur costs to purchase fixed assets such as motor vehicle, health equipment and buildings (Steven & Sheffrin, 2003). These are very important in e nhancing the quality of services which are provided by this company. This budget ensure that all capital assets are purchases and allocated to different departments to reduce cost and maximize returns. market Expenditure BudgetThe company must prepare a budget on how it is planning to spend its financial resources during marketing (Bryans, 2007). This makes the company to use its resources efficiently during marketing since it can only spend specie in relation to budget requirement.Health and Safety Expenditure BudgetThe expenses which the company expects to incur give-up the ghost provide health and safety services to employees are also budgeted for (Martin et al, 2010). This ensures that there is appropriate use of health and safety services without misappropriation of funds.2.4 Evaluate how decisions to the highest degree expenditurecould be made in CareTech PLC depot AvailableThe decision on the company expenditure can be made based on the available resources which determine what the company should purchase or not (Groppelli & Angelico, 2000). The availability of financial resources influence the ability of the company to acquire health care resources and therefore inadequate funds limits the expenditure of the company (Mick and John, 2003). The fund available is allocated according to priority in the budget so that most important expenditures are made to provide efficient health services to customers with little resources.Demand on goodThe decision intimately expenditure is also depends on the lead of the service which the company provides. The services which are of high demand should use higher expenditures since there is need for high financial resource. This ensures that there is quality health service when there are enough health care facilities and equipments to enhance quality service demanded.Central Government GuidanceThe expenditure of this company is also influenced by the guidelines provided by the central government so that the company can meet the principles of regulatory bodies (Steven & Sheffrin, 2003). The expenditure for the purchase of capital assets or health and safety equipments should be that improves the quality of health service as required by Central Government guidelines.3.1 Management of Financial ShortfallsThe company should also ensure that there is proper management of the budget deficit or shortfalls. This is achieved by operating within the budget so that there is no over or under expenditure. The shortages can be supplemented by the providing spare allocation from the central or local Government (Bryans, 2007). This will makes the company to purchase all the capital and operating expenditures within the budget. The shortfalls can also be managed by sourcing for additional financing from local stable financial institution to finance other activities which had not been accounted for in the budget (Watson and Head, 2012). 3.2 What action you would take if you suspect occurrence of financial bur lesque in yourorganization? There are a number of actions which the company can take when there is suspicion about fraud.Fraud staining and investigationThe company has to determine the truth about the fraud by conducting an investigation and finding those involves in the fraudulent acts (Groppelli & Angelico, 2000). Before the investigation the possible financial loss which the company has experienced should be know and how it has been happening. Valid evidence should be determined before taking any legal action. The truth about the occurrence of fraud is detected by the nature of behavior of people in the company and the expression of discrepancies in the financial records of the company.If fraud has taken place internecinelyThe determination that the fraud has been committed by one of your employees, the management is required to seek for advice from professional advisors on the possible steps to follow to go on with the problem. The company can also do an overall investigatio n to ascertain the truth of the event or take remedial action to fraudsters (Mick and John, 2003). The company can also take a legal action by reporting the case to the law enforcement agencies only if the fraud is material but unbiased fraud should result into suspension of those involves reducing legal cases which can also make the company to move back substantially.3.3 Monitoring FraudFor the company to monitor how the company uses its financial resources, it should ensure that it conduct both internal and external audits to provides the company with an opportunity to prepare its books in accordance with the law (Bryans, 2007). Internal audit is do throughout the year and it assess if the company prepares its books in accordance with the law and there is possibility that the books can provide a true and fair view of the company states of affairs. These actions ensure that there is no fraud and any other malicious acts which the employees can commit to suspect the occurrence o f frauds (Groppelli & Angelico, 2000). The company can also employ an external auditor to monitor the company expenditure and income (Steven & Sheffrin, 2003). This is able to reveal financial injure and intentional mistakes which reduce financial performance of the company.4.1 Sources of Information for Fraudulent ActsThe company can use management accounts to determine the lapses where the financial proprieties have been taking place. It can also be ascertained through the opinion of actual and projected budgets which is compared with the actual result of the company (Groppelli & Angelico, 2000). When adverse variance is very high and so the company can suspect that there is a financial fraud in the company (Department of Health, 2011). The result of internal or external audit can also provide adequate information which acts as evidence that there is a financial fraud which the management has committed. 4.2 Analyze the relationship between care service delivered and costs and e xpenditure The relationship between care service delivered and costs and expenditure is very important in ensuring that the customers are charged fairly (Steven & Sheffrin, 2003).The costs and expenditure of the company should be incurred transparently by informing the stakeholders on how the company has spent its financial resources. The expenditure of health and care settings should be done in compliance with some legal frameworks which provide guidelines on how the company should spend its funds. The purchase of health care equipment is also done through bidding process where the best bidder is to supply the required materials for health care facilities (Bryans, 2007). This ensures that all the company purchases and expenditure are done in accordance with the law through following legal purchasing framework.The use of financial resources of the company should be used appropriately this is because those involves have financial obligation to account for any finance used in the com pany (Mick and John, 2003). This reduce the level of frauds which are likely to occur in the company since officers who are involves in the purchase is responsible for any financial loss. 4.3 Evaluate how financial considerations impact upon a service user Financial considerations have great effect on the health care service delivered to users.Effect on the mode of Service QualityThe increase of financial resource in the company increases the quality of service delivered to users. This is because high financial consideration is able to pay for quality health care facilities which ensure that the users of health care settings receive quality service (Steven & Sheffrin, 2003). With low consideration, there will be a purchase of low quality health careequipment and facilities which cannot avail quality service.Change in Staffing LevelsWhen there is high financial consideration, the management of this company will be able to pay salaries of many employees who are able to provide effici ent health service delivery (Mick and John, 2003). When the services are offered at a low consideration, the income of the company becomes low and therefore the number of staff members goes down (Day and Wigens, 2006). This also affects the service quality which the users expect to get from the company. handiness of ConsumablesFinancial consideration for health care services also affects consumable (Bryans, 2007). When the service user is allowed to pay high financial consideration, there will be adequate consumable to users since there is enough money to purchase these to users (Day and Wigens, 2006). When there is low financial consideration the company will not have the ability to buy consumables.Reduction of ServicesLow consideration renders the company to be bankrupts and therefore it has to reduce the number of services that it offers to the public (Steven & Sheffrin, 2003). Low consideration also makes the company to pay for additional staff to provide all the service which the company is required to provide.4.4 Improvements of the Company ExpenditureFor the company to improve its expenditure capacity, it has to appraise its expenditure so that the company can minimize its expenditures and maximize it revenues (Bryans, 2007). Before spending the company funds, there should be an assessment of the value of money so that the purchase of any assets or payment of an operating expense matches with the value of the item of expenditure (Mick and John, 2003). It is also required to estimate unit cost of the item so that the total cost of the company expenditure is ascertained before the actual purchase. This ensures that there is no inflation of costs of the assets or any expenditure the company makes (Edwards, 2012).ConclusionFor the company to make appropriate revenues, it must control the use of its finances so that the company can use minimum costs to finance its operation. Cost allocation is also important in efficient management of health care operatio ns. High costs should be allocated to items of expenditures which are of priority so that the company goals can be achieved efficiently.BibliographyBryans, W. 2007. functional Budget Management in Health & Social Care, Radcliffe Publishing Ltd. ISBN 978-1-84619-100-8 Day, J. and Wigens, L. 2006. Inter-professional working An essential guide for health andsocial care professionals. London Nelson Thornes.Department of Health. 2011. Safeguarding Adults The role of health services. PublicationsPolicyEdwards, A. 2012. Putting patients first. British medical checkup Journal, 344, pp. 233-240. Groppelli, H. & Angelico, A. 2000. Finance, 4th ed. Barrons Educational Series, Inc. p. 433. Jones, M. and Atwal, A 2009. Preparing for Professional Practice in Health & Social Care.Chichester Wiley-Blackwell.Mick, B. and John, C. 2003. Managing Financial Resources .A Butterworth-Heinemann 2003,3rd edition ISBN 0750657553.Martin M, et al. 2010. Managing in Health and Social Care 2ndEdition. Routled ge, ISBN 978-0-20385-693-2 Steven, M.& Sheffrin, B. 2003. Economics Principles in action. Upper saddleback roof River, New Jersey 07458 Pearson Prentice Hall. p. 502 Watson, D. and Head, A. 2012. Corporate Finance Principles and Practice. 6th edition, Harlow Pearson ISBN 9780273762874.

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Meaning of Being Educated

The Meaning of Being an ameliorate Person Being educated is atomic number 53 of the most important attribute a person faecal matter have. However, there is a difference between being educated from picture and being educated from readings and schoolwork. though being knowledgeable through experience allows a person to be thought of as well-rounded, the rudiments of his or her own rights and abilities argon often overlooked. Not too many people can plagiarize all of their rights and capabilities and be able to explain them to an outsider. The American legal system is increasingly important with the everlasting changes in what is acceptable to our society.Being well-educated in the rights of ones country allows for a citizen to become more involved and in turn, appreciate his or her country. An exact definition of educated would be termed as having an study or having knowledge based from fact, according to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary. To become educated, a person ente rs and may lodge to a continuous process. Education is a process of toping knowledge through self-examination and will, interactions with peers or elders, splendid experience. One can even say that a person is educated through replete(predicate) alone.However, instinct alone can non suffice if one wishes to enter the job force and rise in society. There is as well a responsibility that comes along with gaining direction. With the acquiring of knowledge there is the choice to use it to ones advantage or to keep it to oneself. Education is variable. One can be more educated in law than another, and one can be more educated in music than another. How educated a person is is dependent on how a good deal they want to learn about a subject. Not all piece of knowledge about the American government is striveed to each citizen.Though many do not seek further education beyond high school, the resources are there for the use of learning and practicing ones freedom. An sheath of a wel l-educated person in terms of an Americans rights and liberties would be a lawyer. A lawyer is schooled for many years about the legal system, including the laws and validation of America. It is with their degree that lawyers gain the right and trust to provide legal advice and guidance. Some lawyers further their education and caperal ranking by becoming magistrates.Magistrates are looked upon has having a high education and understanding of the law, rights, and regulations of our society. Another example would be the occupation of a police officer. A police officer acts as a guide and stable hand to the society of America. A police officer learns and practices the constitutional law and keeps wrongdoers in check as much as possible. They create a safer environment for people to live in and lead by example by enforcing the rules as sternly as possible. When a criminal or delinquent is arrested they are confronted by the officer saying you have the right to remain silent.The polic e officer is making the citizen aware of their right as an American. When a business is made and operated, the owner or owners practice their legal rights as an American. These rights are laid out in exact detail through a contract sign(a) in the process of starting a business. The owner is well educated in the law and rights that he or she must follow and practice. As a business owner, one will practice place rights most often. Property is a set of legal rights to exclude others from interfering with ones acquisition, possession, use, and transfer of limited resources (Reed 451).By owning a business, a person has the right to acquire, dispose of, and use property freely. According to the Cato Handbook for Policymakers, property is the first appearance of every right we Americans have, which includes the right to be free. Therefore, every land owner practices their rights as an American. When laws are by and large and equally applicable they will tend to produce a beneficial so cial order because lawmakers cannot improvement themselves exclusively but only as they also benefit the populace as a strong (Reed 450). The laws are set in the U. S.Constitution in order to provide order and stability in the American society. The writers of the constitution were not as learned about society and democracy as people are today, but they were educated enough to realize what laws and guidelines would create a greater society and social system. The constitution allows for certain authorities to lead the United States. These authorities have a greater understanding and education about how society should work and run. With a greater education and understanding of the United States laws and freedoms, an American citizen has the force to appreciate and take sectionalisation in their society.A well educated person has knowledge of fact and experience combined whether it is from schooling or by random occurrence. Through schooling, one can become part of the American gove rnment and practice the law by providing guidance and stability for citizens who may seem unaware. With many resources available to anyone in America, the ability to become well-educated in the subject of the government and the rights of the American citizen is easy.Works Cited A Summary of the US Constitution. n. d. 15 June 2011 lthttp//www2. waketech. edu/blogs/elcivics/files/2011/03/summary-of-the-USConstitution. pdfgt. Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. educated. n. d. Merriam-Webster. com. 17 June 2011 lt http//www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/educatedgt Property Rights and the Constitution. Cato Handbook for Policymakers 7. (2009) 345-362 17 June 2011. Reed, O. Lee. Law, The rein of Law, and Property A Foundation for the Private Market and Business Study. American Business Law diary 8. (2001) 441-474. Web. 17 June 2011.

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Historical Origins of Social Work Essay

Essay In what ways do the historical origins of complaisant produce influence the occurrent profession in Ireland? In order to provide an in-depth discussion on how the historical origins of complaisant achievement have influenced the current nature of the profession in Ireland, it is of the essence(predicate) for me to provide a specific sagacity of what the term denotes. Defined by Smale, Tuson and Statham (2000 5), social model is about the interventions made to change social situations so that people who need support or are at risk can have their necessarily met more appropriately than if no intervention were made. Morales and Sheafor (1977) state that professional social micturateers are consecrate to service for the welfare and self-realisation of human beings to the disciplined use of scientific knowledge regarding human and social behaviour, to the development of resources to meet individual, group, national and international needs and aspirations and to the achie vement of social justice. Many individuals, other(a) than field social dissembleers and including all those who model in residential, day care and domiciliary care, otherwise cognise as social care or care put to workers are all involved in distinct types of social work.The Emergence of fond WorkAccording to Sheldon and Macdonald (2009, p.19), the term social work was first utilise in Britain at the end of the nineteenth speed of light. During this era, people practiced social work in an attempt to establish more realistic ways of all overcoming social distress as opposed to relying on handed-down forms of charity work and philanthropy. Skehill (1999) and Darling (1972) state that Irish social work shares many traditional aspirations of social work elsewhere, such as in Britain and Finland and has been influenced by such countries. However, it is also shaped by the particular nature of Irelands decree and by key political processes within the country over the past centu ries. Albeit Ireland industrialising at a different rate in comparison to England and elsewhere, key features of modern society such as the growth in expert knowledge in relation to individuals and the family, the emanation of parvenue expert professionals and the emergence of a liberal form of government do appear to have had an preserve on shaping Irish social work (Skehill, 1999).Earlier forms of social work in Ireland evolved from unearthly motives which included the giving of alms and the giving of service. Skehill (1999) highlights that the relationship amidst the spiritual bodies and their concern with the provision of eleemosynary assuagement is of great importance, with the rivalry between Catholic and Protestant charities being the most significant aspect of the religious base of charities in the nineteenth century. Down through the years, Ireland has been a place where individuals have been inspired by a sense of vocation and largely guided by intuition (Darling, 19 72 24). Such individuals have endeavoured to take over the pain and suffering of the casualties within our society. An example of such heroic bodies in Ireland includes Mary Aikenhead, daughter of a Cork doctor and founder of the Order of Irish Sisters of Charity, who began prison visiting in Dublin 1821 (Darling, 1972 24). The 19th century is characterised by a whole plethora of charitable activities relating to education, health and welfare (Skehill, 1990).In England, social work began with the identification, categorisation and organisation of various charities, which is most evident in the work of the Charitable transcription Society. The COS evolved in 1869 and was primarily known as the Society for Organising Charitable Relief and Repressing Mendicity. This charitable body had a specific aim of attempting to address the disconnectedness between philanthropic organisations and bring these bodies unitedly under some coherent umbrella (Skehill, 199). Over the same period of ti me (19th century), no such major body for social work existed in Ireland, however at the beginning of the twentieth century the Irish state saw an attempt to standardise charity within the country. Notably, the nature of social work in Ireland is highlighted by the link between philanthropy and its broader cultural and political discursive field, the relations between religion and charity, the gendered nature of practices, and the individualistic approach to social problems (Skehill, 1990).Although, social work progressed to a greater outcome in the 20th century, one could argue that some of the most defining characteristics of its current shape in society could be accredited to its earlier presence in the 19th century (Skehill, 1990). For example, social work in Ireland continues to be a practice that is primarily interested in assisting the less well take out in society, with families and children being a key target for social work intervention and practice rest individualistic . Also, the profession has continued to function traditionally based on caring for and overlooking the clients of its service (Skehill, 1990). Because of this, itis important to look at certain aspects of philanthropy in 19th century Ireland in order to look the charitable works contribution to the present day social work system (Skehill, 1990). Although social work began to emerge in the 19th century, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that a coherent strategy of social work developed (Skehill, 1990).What is significant about social work in the early 20th century is that it continued to be characterised by continuities in voluntary charity work and developed towards a more strategic and structured practice of professional social work (Skehill, 1990 61). However, throughout this era, social work also expanded due to a dual process of development between interacting strands of cultural, political, intellectual and institutional progression. This dual process of deve lopment includes the emergence of training and education for social workers and the continued expansion of violent social work within charitable bodies (Skehill, 1990 97).The pattern of social work training that established in the 20th century persisted in the following decades, with the continuation of an individual focus, home visiting, in-depth inquiries and concentration on the poor, women and children remain to be at the core of its practice. In Ireland, the health and welfare service continued to develop in the mid-20th century and as a result, had a crucial influence on the evolution of social work within this period. There was a decrease in the influence of the Catholic Church, professional training and employment for social workers increased and the State developed a greater role in the provision of social services which led to increasing opportunities for the development of social work.According to Darling (1971), formal social work training in Ireland began in 1899, wh en Reverend R.M. Gwynn established an association in Trinity College Dublin, with a primary election aim of promoting the study of poverty. The establishment of the Civic Institute of Ireland in 1914 marks a significant ill-treat in the evolution of social work in Ireland (Skehill, 1999 91). The main aim of this society was the study and investigation of all questions and problems affecting the lives of the Irish public in their capacity as citizens or as inhabitants of a city, urban or rural area of Ireland (Civic Institute of Ireland, 1914 in Skehill, 1999 91).Bibliography* Considine, M. and Dukelow, F. (2009) Irish Social Policy A critical introduction, Dublin Gill & Macmillan Ltd. * Sheldon, B. and MacDonald, G. (2009) Textbook of Social Work, London Routledge. * Skehill, C. (1999a) The Nature of Social Work in Ireland, a Historical Perspective, Lewiston, USA Edwin Mellen Press. * Morales, A. and Sheafor, B.W. 1977. Social Work A Profession of Many Faces. Boston Allyn and Baco n Inc. * Darling, V. (1971) Social Work in the Republic of Ireland. Social studies, Irish Journal of Sociology, 1(1)24-37. *