Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to help people essays

How to help people essays Every person has a tremendous number of skills or abilities. Some of them are obtained by experience, others appear in an early childhood. One of my skills is my knowledge of how to give medical treatment during illness. I gained this skill after my graduation from pharmacy school, where I invented a new world of medicine. In my essay, I will give several recommendations for rational behavior during sicknesses as a common cold, stress and headache. First, a cold is an inflammatory condition of upper respiratory tract due to viral, allergic or mixed infection. There are many available treatments for the common cold. In my eyes, herbal remedies are the most appropriate medicaments for reducing the cold. In this infection, I usually advise people to use ginger and lemon. Ginger is an excellent remedy for cold. About 10 gm of ginger must be cut into small pieces, boiled in a cup of water, strained, and then added an additional half-teaspoon of sugar to it. This decoction should be drunk when it is hot. Adding few pieces of ginger into boiled water, then adding the tealeaves is the formula for ginger tea. It should be taken twice daily. Lemon is beneficial in all types of cold with fever. Vitamin C- rich lemon juice increases body resistance, decreases toxicity, and reduces the duration of the illness. Lemon should be diluted in a glass of warm water, and a teaspoon of honey should be added to it. So, if you start to use these remedies, you may forget about chemical pills that change your metabolism in an unfavorable way. My friends always ask me how to deal with stress. My answer is taking frequent effective exercise, which is probably one of the best physical stress reduction techniques available. Exercise improves your unfit condition, relaxes muscles and helps you to sleep. An important thing to remember is that exercise should be fun. If you do not enjoy it, then you will probably not keep doing it. The p...

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