Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Review of a Live Theatre Perfomance (Fences by August Wilson) Essay

Review of a Live Theatre Perfomance (Fences by August Wilson) - Essay Example Based on the setting of 1950’s, Fences centers an African American family. It records their dreams, desperation, success and failure. Tight-lipped with myriad images and symbols playing subtly throughout the play and revealed at the outset and onset of the plot, ‘Fences’ is definitely a masterpiece and is also humanistic. The play comments on the evolving African-American experience and very minutely examines intricately the ‘race-relations’ woven within the plot of the play among many other themes. Divided in between two plots, containing four and five scenes respectively, the story revolves round the depression of the Afro-American community in post world war II period. The play opens on the pay day of two workers named Bono and Tory. Both the two characters are very important in the play. Bono and Tory are found to be drinking while talking. Tory is introduced to the audience through his speech and this forms a very unique style of performing artistry. Tory’s character is revealed by his act of moving towards his boss Mr. Rand and his query about the prohibition for the Black men for driving garbage trucks. Next, the audience is introduced to the other two important characters of the play, Lyons and Rose, who joined the conversation. With the development of the conversation, audience gets to know about the fact that Tory once stabbed a man which indicates some abnormalities in his behaviors. Lyons is a musician by profession who is introduced to the audience while he was asking for money from his father and was quite confident about the fact that he will receive it from his father, Tory. Tory renders his son a hard and trying time by refusing the money though at last the father agrees. With the development of the plot, eventually it is revealed that Tory had an affair with a woman named Alberta. It is noteworthy

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