Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Use your critical thinking skills to evaluate the article Why Does Our Essay

Use your critical thinking skills to evaluate the article Why Does Our Collective Empathy So Often Fail to Manifest in Our Treatment of Refugees by Shami Chakrabarti - Essay Example The Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) created to deal with academic related violence and persecution has dealt with numerous cases involving refugees. CARA has had to help a physics teacher of Iraqi origin who used to receive death threats after she had dared to challenge the in place religious beliefs. Another incident dealt with by CARA, which shows that people do not care about the refugees, is the case of a human rights lecture from Zimbabwe whom the state police thoroughly beat due to his so-called political activism. Chakrabarti does not understand why people treat refugees with much contempt and ignorance even when they are aware of their sad struggle stories. One of the likely reasons suggested by Chakrabarti as to why people forget these sad refugee stories is due to the emotional distance that exists between refugees and people of the country, and this makes people forget these sad refugee stories. Chakrabarti in the article suggests that the government has let these refugees down, and the work of taking care of refugees has been left to organizations such as CARA. According to Chakrabarti, the government’s main task is to enforce grinding poverty to refugees, which has been possible because people allow them. The government’s reluctance and bad policies intended to help refugees can be best illustrated by the case of a Pakistani woman who fled to the United Kingdom after been physically attacked by her husband for the mere wish of wanting to finish her Ph.D. On arriving in the UK, the woman did not have a home or something to eat until CARA came to her rescue. Due to CARA’s limited resources that they have, the issue of dealing with refugees is overwhelming them. It is up to people of goodwill who appreciate the vital and useful work CARA does take up the responsibility of supporting the

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