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Effects of franchised and international fashion stores on local Dissertation

Effects of franchised and international fashion stores on local clothing retailing and its relation to global marketing stratgie - Dissertation Example This situation analysis has been assessed and promulgated customised strategy under the â€Å"Global Marketing Strategies†. We have collected data relating to the Saudi woman and their frequency of visiting particular band irrespective local or international, and also Saudi market itself to harness what are the marketing mix positioning and strategy practiced in domestic shape. We have observed and analyzed different global marketing strategies which can help us to identify the gap in current strategy of retail mix in Saudi Arabia under current Global market strategies. This paper has dissected all the elements to identify this point in final state by breaking them in questionnaire. This fact based analysis will help to understand the upcoming competitive era with specified factors identified to contribute in greater extent to promulgate strategies for retail industry in Saudi Arabia. Research Word: Retail Industry, Retail marketing mix, Saudi franchised international brand, G lobal marketing strategy. 1. Introduction Saudi Arabia is getting very competition intense economy where most of the international brands are interested to invest and derive good revenue from the strength of local purchasing power. Many international events in Saudi Kingdom are now approaching for the foreign investment and it is arranging many exhibitions. Main area where most industry is developing for foreign trade in Dahahran, Jedda and Riyadh. In these are apparel having a important space. Diagram: Significance/ Capacity of venue From this chart we can see what are the factor’s that the Saudi woman considers for the purchasing of any clothing in retail stores. From this analysis and form the global growth of 15% for the retail fashion industry. In this point the strategy which is highly depending on the marketing mix composed of people, place, product and promotion varies significantly and contributed widely in business profitability. Ongoing brand consciousness and the strong purchasing power we can see that the international incentives to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based on this potentiality of this industry more research, information and facilitation form the government has to plan for the local retail store so that they can compete and survive with global competition. Eventually the local store can keep the customer demand in more customized way, but the fact is the taste ans culture is getting more global than particular land. We have summarized some research to support our existing research that we can continue the quantitative research based on this base of qualitative or exploratory research made by Amani Aqeel in 2012. Saudi women’s purchase intention from the total sample of 20 customers shows the figure above to prove the factors and their intensity. These summary reports can help us to pursue the further research in greater details of qualitative and quantitative extent. 2. Research aim-(Given/ Made by customer) 3. Re search Objective-(Given/Made by customer) 4. Literature Review- 2 pages Since 1853 , Levi Strauss used to believe as one of the most popular international fashion retailers all over the world. Upon continuing their operation after long years of time worldwide they have started their strategy to make standardization practice to meet the goal of meeting economies of scale and core

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