Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Personal statement (uni application) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

(uni application) - Personal Statement Example The combinations of these elements in a design give it distinctiveness. Interior design seeks to reflect the esthetic value of things in the environment. Personally think there is more to interior design than acquiring the perfect art piece or choosing the most color palette. It requires skill and precision in understanding a clients design needs. The work of an interior designer should ultimately give any space purpose and tasteful value. Interior design is human-centered. It requires consultation with both the client and the architect to have a clear understanding of the intended space for designing. Additionally, there is more to interior design than making spaces attractive. The interior designer adds functional value and creates efficiency and safety to an area to improve the quality of the working and living milieu. Ensuring harmony with the principles of design amounts to the success of interior design. The principles of interior design are unity, balance, proportion, emphasis, similarity, contrast, and hierarchy. Balance ensures equilibrium in a design that may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Primarily, any design plan ought to have unity in all its elements. The interior designer must create a design by referring to the most vital parts first in a hierarchal process. Scale emphasizes on the size of the items in question. A focal point should always dominate the design with both contrast and magnitude. Fusing similarity and contrast give an allure of life and excitement to a design. In summary, the reason I like interior design, is that from my childhood days, I have always loved designs in rooms and the functional value that it adds to a chamber. I am passionate about designing rooms so that they become more appropriate for the purpose. I need to augment my skills and add more knowledge in the topic as I pursue a career in interior design. Interior design is intrinsic and has a lifetime upshot on the lives of everyone in

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