Sunday, April 28, 2019

Commonplace Book Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Commonplace Book Assignment - examine ExampleThey start businesses to get moolah According to Baordman & Sandomir profit motive is the universal irresistible outcome that theoretically non only drives the market but all of us .. People choose industries where they croupe charge fees on their services and prices for their goods. To my surprise, no one got rich by working for someone else. These moneyed businesspersons constantly tell how they quit their jobs and established business that turned their fortunes. This kernel that the profit motive or the wealth maximization goal motivated them to go on their own and they have ripped the benefits of their efforts. They have elect to spend their time and money in expend to get returns.The providers of capital to any company be called shareholders. For them to provide capital then they have to get returns for taking that risk. The circumspection of these companies has to ensure that they generate profits to keep shareholders happ y thousands of executives and managers work for shareholders profits (Boardman & Sandormir). This profit-making motive ensures that the management has a sense of direction and direction on one goal instead of having a variety of goals. It imposes discipline on top management levels without this it would result in them awarding themselves lavish holidays and salary packages without regard for the investors.Personally, I have thought of the numerous businesses I would establish in a bid to get profits such include investing in the real estate business or a nightclub. Investing a large heart and soul of money for anyone would require returns in future. This is the main motivation for businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, and insurance companies among others. If these organizations were not making profits then they could close down due to lack of funds. Profit motive means owning something for yourself since the income or the profit comes from the business units

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