Friday, April 26, 2019

You choose a topic Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

You choose a topic - Case Study ExampleHigh damage of medicine clapperclaw in work place is also a justification for workplace dose examinationing. The propensity of medicate abuse in work place increases randomly the operational cost in an organization. drug abuse in workplace reduces employees productivity, it also increases the insurance premium, and it as well leads to the increase in the number of employees who are fired or die as a result of drug abuse. medicine abuse in workplace also increases the administrative cost it leads to decline in employees morale, increased theft cases, damage of properties in workplace as well as tarnishing the company public image. All this prejudicial effect affects unconstructively the organization performance. To maintain the required performance in an organization, frequent workplace drug test is extremely critical.Workplace drug testing is also justified by increased conspicuous accidents resulting from drug abuse. The 1982 accident on the USS Nimitz was as a result of workplace drug abuse. Other accidents that are colligate to workplace drug abuse also include the 1987 locomotive accident which caused death of sixteen peck while other 176 were injured. In 1989 large oil tanker spilled million of crude oil into irrigate bodies in Alaska. The split led to the loss of animal life as well as the final stage of social and economic structure in the area. All this accident was a result of drug abuse in workplace. These accidents led to the introduction of omnibus transportation employees Act of 1991. The Act required alcohol and drug testing to all transport employees (William, 2002)The workplace drug testing has been blamed vehemently for violating employees civil rights. Drug testing especially urine test is seriously condemned for violating individual privacy rights. To avoid false dogmatic results, employees are requested to state all the over the- counter drugs and other prescriptions used within the cash in ones chips thirty days. This requirement exposes

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