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Feminist theories in history of art Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

feminist theories in history of art - Assignment Exampleas the same nonsense that was at the nerve centre of the canonical separation of the mediums that are used in drawing, painting and the making of sculptures and this was a way of punctuate the underlying absurdity that was contained in her work. This was as though she had received an awareness of her own open harm and she was now trying to accept the absence of meaning and oneness that was in her life turning in to the non-subject of what she considered her non-work she considered this to be the big nothing and generally looked at it as an absurdity, (Wagner (b), 51).On all the levels of being opthalmic which is where the unthought-of resides, Bourgeois work categorically goes against these dichotomies that are between the mind and the bod abstraction and figuration visuality and feeling flatness and volume, time and space which generate other dichotomies that are more direct such as male-female, and black and white but al so those that prevent visual art from achieving the effect that it aims at as thought which is opposition that casts visual art as spatial and chronicle as being temporal works on confining each of these to a domain that is restricted of visual body and narrative mind, (Wagner (a), 10). The selection of diary notes is useful since it develops a position where the reader gets to understand the artists psyche n a verbal way rather than a visual one which greatly assists in the interpretation of works of art that are created and these notes range from poems to her inner thoughts about the surroundings that she is in, (Bourgeols,

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