Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Diversity in the Workplace Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Diversity in the Workplace - Research Paper Examplethe States is viewed as a land of opportunity and that is something to be proud. This is the reason that America has a great deal of cultural change in comparison to otherwise countries. The workplace is an extremely important juncture where culturally diverse, first generation employees attempt to immerse and scram the transition into the Ameri tail culture (Botbol, 2012). Cultural diversity in America has affected the environment in the workplace in many domineering and some negative ways. Positive effects of cultural diversity in the workplace in America include but are not limited to commixture of cultural, social, and religious perspectives, and the resulting competitive advantage for the organisations while the negative effects include interpersonal conflicts, occasional incidents of racism, and change magnitude load of training and education of the employees on the employers. ... of consumers belonging to their respecti ve cultures and religions so that the fall management can have a deeper insight into their needs and address them through their products. For example, Indian employees may betoken the top management to provide separate space for families in the restaurant since Indian families like to dine in privacy. On the other hand, Muslim employees can not only make the top management awake(predicate) of the importance of offering Halal foods at the restaurant because of its value among the Muslim customers, but also suggest various ways in which Halal foods can be made. In addition to that, team members with intimacy of multiple languages can be an asset in a internationally based business or in communicating with certain segments of the domestic population (Feigenbaum, 2012). Cultural diversity provides the employers with the opportunity to use the more than talented employees to train and educate the others which proves more economical as compared to outsourcing the training and educati onal services. The organization gets close to of the knowledge in-house which saves the time, energy, and money of the business-owners. Competitive Advantage Success of an organization depends upon the popularity of its product among the potential consumers population. As America has become more and more culturally diversified over the years, so has its workplace and this generates a positive message to the consumers. Consumers feel like buying the product of an organization when they see their representation in the organizations workforce in terms of similarity of culture, religion, and social values. Recruiting workers belonging to different cultures and religions has enabled the organizations to gain the consider and confidence of the culturally diverse consumers,

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