Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ethical Self-Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethical Self-Assessment - Essay ExampleI realized that every decision I do in the workplace and take down in my private life has an ethical aspect to it and failing to address this can lead to unethical attains. I also realized that every action and decision taken get out affect both me and at least another individual in a certain way. In this regard, when making decisions, it is prerequisite to know when to act in which way and how this will affect the other person this is especially so with regard to the patients I deal with and the batch I work with. The ACHE standards are important in guiding my professional ethical conduct as they act as a guidelines as advantageously as a reminder of the importance of ethical behaviour and ethical conduct. The ACHE standards are important in reminding me how important it is for a professional in my career to be able flavor at the ways in which my actions affect the other people. ACHE standards are geared towards affecting the way peopl e think about their actions with regard to other people. As an individual, ACHE standards have made me to rethink the way I do things and the way I look at issues. They have reminded me that in making decisions, I should be able to think about the other person and not just how the decision will be beneficial to me. My individual ethics determines how I make decisions and how I act in all times. Regardless of the ACHE standards, I am an expert person and I believe in fairness. In this regard, I always look for fairness when making decisions and when acting in certain ways. This helps me to make the right decisions and to be able to consider how my decisions will affect other people. However, there are those instances where I may drop my guard and may not fundamentally act in the ethical way. One example of such a time is when dealing with other peoples actions. ACHE standards have made me to realise that ethical conduct is not just limited to my actions, but rather that it also has to do with how I deal with other peoples actions. In this regard, if a colleague acts in an unethical way, it is my ethical responsibility to correct them and to make sure that such unethical actions are not tolerated. playing in an ethical manner can be a big challenge due to a number of issues. One main issue has to do with the fact that one may not know when he or she is acting in an unethical way. In this regard, one of the strategies which I will make use of in order to help myself to act in an ethical manner in the future is by learning as much as achievable about ethical issues. For instance, analyse the ACHE standards can help me to identify the many situations in which I should be alert ethically. As described above, universe able to correct the actions of others when they are unethical is part of ethical behaviour and failing to do so is unethical. This was only made clear to me after studying the ACHE ethical standards. In this regard, I intend to learn as much as p ossible in order to make sure that I understand as much as possible the various issues which constitute unethical behaviour. The other important thing which I will include in my strategy for the future with regard to ethical behaviour is acting in time and being proactive. By reading the ACHE ethical standards, I realised that failing to act in time and only acting in the last minute is one of the factors which lead to unethical action because one is left with little choice. In this regard, I will start acting proactively to make sure that

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