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Factory System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Factory System - Essay ExampleThe Factory System as it is known today when we refer to the onset of the industrial age of innovational day England was the use of machinery for mass production (Boyson, 1970, pp. 34 - 52). Former cottage based industries or rather production that in additionk place in the homes, cottages, hut (any shape of residence of the workers) or any type of production that took place prior to the 1780s were moved to a centralized location that came to be known as a mill. This was mainly caused due to the introduction of machinery for the production and manufacture of goods at the turn of the nineteenth century and since machines were too large to be housed in cottages of the workers and since it was too costly to provide each worker with an individual machine and also since several workers were necessary to operate one machine alone, the only option that was leave to owners of the machinery were to house the machinery in a large buildings and have the worker s manufacture the products in the factory under the strict supervision of the machinery owners or supervisors who were hand picked by the owners (Thompson, 1967, pp. 81 - 93). Due to this centralization of labour and machinery, there was much migration from the villages to the industrial hubs in the country and thereby began the factory system. And this migration from the village to the cities or the industrial centres were unmistakable in the early part of the nineteenth centuryThe Impact of the Factory System on the LabourThe onset of the factory system had many unalike impacts on the labour force, these impacts were both good and bad. By bringing workers under one roof it was easier for owners to supervise and manage the manufacture of products, they were also able to look that work was not duplicated and it was carried out in the most efficient manner possible. Also it was the factory system that was the cause of the development of modern day vigilance theory through the stu dies that were carried out by individuals like Fredrick Taylor and others. By bringing labour under one roof the owners were able to discipline the staff suitably and especially they were able to ensure that productivity was high, therefore as owners of the machinery they stood to gain a great deal. In the case of the workers the benefits and disadvantages that they faced were quite mixed. While the factory system gave them a steady income, living in such close quarters with so many different individuals, living in unsanitary conditions as the big cities turned out to be due to the convergence of workers and working in very unhealthy environments that were often inadequately lit up and ventilate caused much disease and also created an unsafe environment where workers were often prone to succumb to fatal accidents. While some opponents of the factory system insist that the machinery compel discipline on the workers the author of this paper begs to differ on

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