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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 38

Summary - Essay ExampleThough none of the children managed to end up heroically and simply followed their elders, they both survived the war and saw its end. Therefore their actions cannot be referred as something trivial. The base begins in a flashback note where the events of Bloody Sunday (1965) were recollected. The two girls recollect their experiences in the three months of their lives in 1965. These events and experiences are presented in the mental strain of interviews suitable for newspapers. The book does not focus on a detailed version of what happened during the time nor does it emphasize upon the day-to-day experience of the girls but the records are establish upon oral history style. Around forty interviews were conducted by Frank Sikora, journalist, and the venue was mostly domestic in nature including the living rooms and kitchens in the George working capital Carver Homes conducted over a span of 1975 to 1979. The discussion has been presented as the interviewer m entions according to what he learnt from them, their speech and feelings during their experience. Selma observed that her recollection was like writing her own story and for Rachel it was like holding a conversation with the Blessed Virgin Mary. They were not aware beforehand joining the thing was not formal You didnt enlist. You just were, or you werent (Webb, Nelson and Sikora, 3). But after observing the crowd for sometime, Selma joined the movement willingly. The idea behind interrogating two young ladies, who experienced the time as children while there were several known personalities as well, is that Sikora wanted to bring out those unknown faces that faced the similar experience of violent, arrest and torment as the elders. The two girls could because represent the other children form the other towns as well who went through similar experience but whose names have not been officially

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