Friday, September 27, 2019

Case Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Assignment - Case Study Example ement are involved in the operation of computers, and other applications works in the system, which does not jeopardize service provision by these facilities. It is in this note that the computer facilities should be operated with distinct order and adequate security of its servers. The Becoming Company in its networking utilizes the three topologies; that is the star topology, bus topology and the linear topology. It also uses a Sun Microsystems Blade 6048 with 48 server modules as an Internal Gateway helps ease the operation of the company, and beneficial to the company since operating it is easy. Its unique features make the blade powerful, efficient and reliable. The design of 6048 allows it to perform its duties such as database, enterprise operation, high-performance computers and data consolidating and visualization (Bicsi, 2002). These features are coupled to improve the performance of the system. The company has managed to increase and maintain its performance by combining the three topologies to form 3 Internet Gateway web servers S1, S2 and S3. The bus topology (S1), which is the simplest network, is made up of the trunk and segment connecting all computers in the network. The system acts as an operating system, which enables the company transfer data and business transactions carried out effectively and pass through the gateway for processing. In this topology, every system is normally attached to signals over the channel. One computer usually sends data at a time; bus topology, however, is slow in data transmission. This form of arrangement is cheap since it requires short cable and its simplicity and makes it efficient and economical to the company. Data collision does not occur in the system since all networks are connected to a cable terminator (lanoff, 2010). The use of ring topology involve connecting nodes to form a single closed data path, these enables the system achieve high transmission rates than when connections made using bus topology

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