Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Whatever you see fits Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Whatever you see fits - Essay Example The significance of the Electoral College is imminent in the elections but it is control by the power of the voter. The popular vote on the other hand does not affect the outcome of the presidential elections whatsoever. A presidential candidate may gunner the highest popular vote but trail in the electoral votes; this means they do not have success in the whole election process (Sabato, 34). The popular vote may only be used to examine if or not the United States citizens feel content with the outcome of a particular election. According to Chang the popular vote only has significance in the states where it determines the direction of the electoral votes (122). The Romney Ryan campaign will remain as one of the most strategic and expensive campaign the republicans have ever conducted. This particular campaign clinched the obvious republican states satisfactorily. The campaign failed when it came to the voting in the swing states. Ever presidential candidate has the ability of clinching all the electoral votes in the swing states if they use the correct strategy. In the Romney Ryan campaign the difference was made by the opinion of the republicans on social policies like gay marriages, abortion and issue regarding to women. The democrats won the people’s votes by being sensitive on these issues. If the Romney Ryan campaign was sensitive to these issues, the victory would be theirs for the taking. The Obama Biden campaign on the other hand won because it focused more on populous regions across the nation. Additionally, the campaign focused on satisfying the needs of the minority. The campaign was sensitive to the Hispanics, women and gay couples. This played a major role in ensuring the campaign clinched the majority of the votes in the swing states. With the obvious democrats’ states already in the bag, this move ensured the democrats remained superior also in the swing states.

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