Thursday, September 26, 2019

Human resource management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Human resource management - Research Paper Example The performance of each employee has to be observed under the critical eye of the human resource management team. A customized employee policy is followed through the working atmosphere in a company. Appraisals based on their performance and salary administration is maintained to materialize the objective of profit maximization with affirmative action of the employees. In order to hire some personals for a foreign subsidiary firm, different eligibility criterion and experience are notified for selection of a new manager. (What is global management, n.d) Due to globalization and increasing digitalized marketing technology, the issues regarding the management of abroad business has yielded a revolution. In this assignment, the company has to hire a new manager for its Scandinavian division. In this respect the human resource management team has to consider only those qualification and skills to pursue the goal required in the global market. Before hiring a manager for the foreign firm and setting its mandatory qualifications and experience, knowledge about the specified country has to be under the grip of the human resource management. This will help in understanding market scenarios of the country or the region and any political or social risks associated with it. In order to send a qualified person he/she has to learn about the behavior, the culture and the traditional background of the economy. This will enhance not only his intelligent quotient but also comprehend the emotions and sentiments of the residing people. Let us begin w ith the description of the political and social nature of the Scandinavian economy. Three particular countries come under Scandinavian economy. It is a region of Northern Europe incorporating Denmark, Norway, Sweden and frequently Finland and Iceland. Despite of many wars and economical instability in the region, it has been politically sound and culturally valuable. Today, the countries in the

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