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Education In Texas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Education In Texas - Essay Example However, due to the enforcement of accountability system has successfully created various educational changes in the state. As a result, a clear improvement has been observed in high-poverty schools with a gradual increase in students’ academic achievements. The paper critically analyzes different reforms and evolution of public education in Texas over the years in a detailed manner, which was implemented to meet the needs of state’s diverse population. These educational reforms revolve around the improvement of the State’s educational goals, to promote accountability in order to attain achievements by the students and to improve the efficiency of public schools. Background of Public School Education in Texas: Education in Texas holds an eminent position. People in Texas are highly concerned about the education of their children. The Texas Declaration of Independence (1836) has pointed out the many errors committed by the Mexican government in establishing a uniform educational policy within the state. For the first time in 1840, the very first Anglo-American public school law was enforced in Texas which was aimed to support public school in each county. Soon after the law was passed, another step was taken by the state government in 1845. In the state constitution of 1845, it has been mentioned that the state government would give away one-tenth of the annual state tax revenue in the support and development of the public schools. During the same year, another school law was enforced by the state government. ... Public education in Texas has remained in continuous evolution. It faced another change after the Civil war and Reconstruction, when the new constitution of the new state in 1876, granted 45 million acres of public land in the support of public schools and passed the instructions that the revenue generated from the new Permanent School Fund would be put in bonds. However, again in 1884, the law for public school was rewritten. Many amendments were made in the Permanent School Funds Program (Source: TEA). The Current Situation of Public School Education in Texas: Recently, different laws have been introduced in the state which gave liberty to all and every city and town to develop and administer their own schools. As a result, different independent schools in various districts have been established. During 1900, there were 526 districts in which the high schools were given the primary status in public school education. But recently, it has been estimated that there are around 1039 ind ependent schools in Texas State. In 1911, another law was passed for the betterment and development of the rural high school education. This law revolved around giving support to the teachers by the state in their salaries and expansion of rural schools in the districts (Gene Preuss). With the passage of time, a remarkable improvement in the education was observed. However in late 1939, the first-term Texan Governor W. Lee O’ Daniel highlighted many problems that were faced by the public schools especially in rural areas. He termed those problems as, â€Å"inequalities of opportunities in public school system (Gene Preuss).† According to his studies and research, rural schools were faced with

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