Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Quality management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 4

Quality management - Assignment Example In this experiment, a one half fractional experiment was conducted. It was done in k – 1 runs. The experiment was conducted to assess the effect of five factors on a coil spring. The free height of the spring was denoted as y. The goal of the experiment was to obtain a height of eight inches or a height as close to eight inches as possible. The number of factors used was five, while the number of runs was sixteen with three replicates for each run. The experiment was a 2k – 1 design, thus it was a one half fractional factorial experiment. It was denoted as 25 – 1. Based on the evaluation of the cause and effects, the following factors and factor levels were chosen for the experiment. Below is a table of the factors and the factor levels for both high denoted by a plus sign and low depicted by a minus sign. From the determined factors and factor levels the fractional factorial experiment was conducted. This was because the number of runs needed for a full factorial experiment would have been a lot. Because the resources at hand coupled with the knowledge that the relations would not be of concern, a 25 – 1 fractional factorial was used. The design matrix and the height data are given in the table below. Thus, the design was not able to differentiate D from ABC. Effect D which was the main effect was aliased with the interaction ABC. Hence, D was equal to ABC which meant that I was equal ABCD. I was the column of plus’s which was the characteristic element in the set of multiplications. I is equal to ABCD was the characterizing relation for the 25-1 design experiment. This means that all the effect aliasing relations are: A = BCD, B = ACD, C = ABD, D = ABC, AB = CD, AC = BD, AD = BC, E = ABCDE, AE = BCDE, BE = ACDE, CE = ABDE, DE = ABCE, ABE = CDE, ACE = BDE, BDE = BCE. The main effect is named clear if it is not aliased with other main

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