Friday, July 19, 2019

Ruined Maid and To His Coy Mistress Essay -- Love Relationships Thomas

Ruined Maid and To His Coy Mistress Both the â€Å"Ruined Maid† and â€Å"To His Coy Mistress† provide us with disturbing images / pictures of love, sex and relationships as I am about to explain. The â€Å"Ruined Maid† was written by Thomas Hardy in 1866, during the time when women didn’t have sex before marriage and they were thrown out of their village for being â€Å"ruined†. The public at that point in history had a very strict view of sex and marriage. They thought that women in particular should never have sex before marriage and they should have everything taken off them for being â€Å"ruined†. They were looked upon as a disgrace to society. The â€Å"Ruined Maid† provides us with disturbing images and pictures of love and relationships because the poem is about a woman who has become â€Å"ruined† which means that she’s had sex before marriage. She’s turned the meaning of this into a good thing while most people thought that it was a bad thing because it meant that the woman had no self-respect and that they were looked upon as prostitutes in a sense. The poem starts with Melia and a...

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