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Telecommunication center - Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Telecommunication center - Business Plan - Essay Example By accepting this document, you agree to be bound by these restrictions and limitations. Executive Summary Date Recipient's Name, Title Street Address City, State Zip Code Dear Sir/ Ma’am: We are Q-Tele Inc, a startup telecommunications company aiming to offer alternative cellular and data services to the US Market. The company is still in its planning stage, and is looking at being able to start operations by October of this year. Currently, we are still putting together the backbone facility of the service and looks at completing this before the 4th quarter of this year. Q-Tele is Sales and Marketing driven, and will invest heavily on equipment purchase, ensuring the telecommunication infrastructure is competitive and will promise to bring better service to the target market. Upon setting up of important facilities, the owner will then proceed investing on marketing and sales tools that would bring the group to market consciousness. The owners are likewise planning for globa l expansion by forging tie ups with global service providers in ensuring connectivity among the target market. The succeeding sections will discuss the plans and goals, and the company’s business objectives. ... The company’s vision is focused on products and services that are technologically superior. The main value proposition is to enhance business and personal communications that would benefit the target market. Business Goals and Objectives Management aims to establish and stabilize business operations by the end of the third month, and have all start up loans paid up by the end of the second year in business. The owners would like to be able to open business stocks also by the end of its second year in business. Operations are being targeted to commence by October 2013. There will be soft selling of services by start of June. Dealer acquisition will start by end of April 2013, and potential dealer-retailers shall undergo a training program to ensure that they are aligned with the company’s business goals and mission vision. All needed manpower to fully support the operations should already be in by June 2013. Initial facility acquisition has commenced December of last yea r, and setting up the infrastructure to support the network operations would take approximately six months from completion of site acquisition. Business History Q-Tele is a startup telecommunications company in an industry that already has several players. The business goals may seem ambitious but the owners are optimistic that they would be able to reach the objectives by bringing in a management team with varied expertise in the telecommunication business operations. Headquarters will be located at ____________________. There will be dealers and retailers from all parts of the United States. Eventually, there will be expansion programs in key areas in US. SWOT Analysis Strengths 1. Q-Tele offers a fresh approach to retail telecommunications by providing a dedicated after sales

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