Monday, July 29, 2019

Reflective Journal On Capsim Business Simulation Essay

Reflective Journal On Capsim Business Simulation - Essay Example During our engagement in teamwork, there are a number of things that I learnt. By participating in the decision making, I learnt the importance of teamwork. Teamwork involves the work done by several associates with every member of the team playing a single part, but all members contributing individually to the success of the entire process. While working in a team, conflicts are likely to arise. Initial steps of a team are marred with collision as the team members try to understand one another. As the team cohesion grows, it becomes easy to solve any form of arising conflicts. There are benefits of working in a group. Among these benefits, problem solving especially whenever a crisis arises is important. While working in a team, accomplishing a task is easier and faster as decisions are reached faster (Bell 2011, p. 93). Every member of the group contributed their individual unique knowledge into the task, subsequently improving our results. Through the simulation process, I underst ood the essence of making effective and informed decisions that are results oriented. Decision making involves selecting the most appropriate and viable course of action from available alternatives (Adair 2010, p. 12). Decision making is a process that involves reasoning and evaluation of the consequences involved. A number of factors constrain the success of a team and the achievement of its goals. To a large extent, these problems can cripple the operations of a team (Macmillan 2001, p. 17). However, identifyin

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