Friday, May 10, 2019

Rhetorical Devices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rhetorical Devices - Essay ExampleSoliloquy is employ as the outflank way to give insight into the character of the narrator because he or she would not lie to himself when he talks to himself. In Act I, scene 3 lines 149-197, Othello basically portrayed himself as a great heroic figure beginning from his childhood to his later exploits evident with this line the degree of my lifeFrom year to year--the battles, sieges, fortunesThat I have passed. I ran it through, even from my boyish days. This narration of Othellos heroic exploits was necessary to convince the Venetians that he is not a threat to them, particularly the Duke who was about to steer him against the Ottoman soldiers. Othello needs to convince the Venetians as well as the Duke because he is considered as an outsider in Venetian society as he looked different from them and to some extent, he was perceived as a sort of witch doctor. So he has to convince them that he will act in their best interest even if he is an out sider. Othello also needs to convince the Duke that he did not bewitched Desdemona (daughter of the Duke) and that the precisely thing he did was charm her with his stories. These stories were then told to the Duke that these are harmless personal exploits of bravery to convince him and the Venetians that he is not a threat.During the process of Othellos soliloquy, he claimed that Desdemona fell in sleep with with him because of this background as told by his soliloquy. These adventures of his, was a sort of an aphrodisiac that Desdemona loved him because of this. For his part, Othello fell in love with her because of her fascination to his figment indicating that Desdemonas patronage and faithfulness to his self-image is very important to him and probably one of the pre-requisite for him to fall in love with her. Through this rhetorical device of soliloquy also, it is hinted to us the nature of Othellos character to be just about narcissistic or that he loves himself too much b ut at

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