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Nursing research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Nursing - Research Paper ExampleShe is normal and not depressed although she retired from her job. Interviewing is same to courting where two individuals have to agree on something before doing it. Connection between an interviewer and an interviewee can be seen done numerous aspects. In this interview, there was a sound and kayoedstanding connection between the interviewer and the interviewee. This was seen through the attention that the patient role gave to the questions that she was asked (Peate, 2010). She held onto her judgments and opened her mind. The patient kept her ears and philias into what she was asked and held onto her feelings or body language that would designate any sort of body language. Additionally, the patient remained curious and deferential throughout the interview. When the patient was engaged in the interview, she responded succinctly. The interview as well ask place in the patients house, in her living room, on Monday 10th June 2013 at 6pm and took 30 minutes. Part II General Assessment Whenever individuals get to the age of 75 and above, they experience changes in their life. Such changes include deterioration of the persons immune system, memory loss, wear and tear on joints and bones, skin changes and loss of sight. The patient has grey hair, vision loss, walking problems and difficulties in using the bathroom. Eyesight weakens as people get older. Research indicates that at the age of 60, eye cataracts degenerate resulting to weakened sight. Cataracts are incomprehensible regions in the human eye lens that cause loss of eyesight (Anderson et al, 2010). Cataracts may form and blockage small and not affect eyesight while they may become large and affect eye sight. Graying of hair is a clear sign of aging. It can only be understood through delving into biology. hair twine is manufactured by melanin, a protein underneath the skin. When individuals age, the melanin cells also age and start dying out and stop making hair color . Therefore, the color of an aged person turns gray collectible to the loss of color by melanin. She cannot bear to stand in the bathroom since her joints and bones have worn out. Additionally, she needs military service in order to take a bath (Anderson, 2010). The patient notes that she cannot walk for long periods and cannot walk too without a walker. The weight bearing joints and bones in an individual wear down as he or she ages. As a result, the weakened bones prevent an individual from walking. These bones could either be infected with arthritis. This results from the wearing off of cartilage in joints and, therefore, leaves the bones to rub against each other (Anderson, 2010). Additionally, the patient noted that she could not hold her bladder and stool. Loss of bladder control, normally referred as incontinence, is a common disorder among the aged. Statistics indicate that out of 10 aged people, one is likely to have urinal incontinence. However, this problem seems to be more prevalent among women than in men. The patient is aware of her aging condition and understands that she cannot carryout normal daily activities without help. This is because she is unavailing to walk and cannot hold her bladder and stool. This makes it hard and challenging for her to do anything for herself. For instance, she faces difficulties when using the bathroom. This is because she cannot stand for long due to her weak bones and joints. The patient satisfies her basic needs through retirement or work through attending church meetings, hobbies through taking trips,

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