Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Abolition Movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Abolition Movement - Essay ExampleThe let down of the American Abolitionist Movement happened in 1831 when William Lloyd Garrison began circulating the abolitionist newspaper Liberator, which promoted the instant abolition of slavery, and the full equal rights for all African-Americans (Ottawa Citizen, 2006). After sometime, the American Abolitionist Movement disintegrated into different factions because the members and the leaders within the movement had different outlooks on the best way or best means on how to gain their main goal. Garrison and his followers continued to uphold the abolition of slavery via moral persuasion accent that slavery is not proper and immediate release of all slaves must be done (emancipation). much(prenominal) methods gained support from the Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian anti-slavery movements and in the legislative reforms of the government (Ottawa Citizen, 2006). However, the other more fanatic factions of the movement sensed that viole nce was the only way to accomplish the instant abolition of slavery (Ottawa Citizen, 2006) but the steps interpreted to implement such tactics failed. It is the same for The American Colonization Society and the UNIA by Marcus Garvey, from 1820 1830, who simultaneously suggested that travel to Africa was a better option than emancipation because black people will have a unvoiced time establishing their rights in the United States.

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