Tuesday, May 14, 2019

What are Effective Ways of Coping with Anxiety and Nervousness in Essay

What argon Effective Ways of Coping with Anxiety and Nervousness in article of belief - Essay ExampleLearners for the lessons were non-native English-speaking students. The English Language Institution was chosen for this instruction exercise. This course is knowing for someone who wishes to visit an English-speaking country soon, and it is also suitable for students who are studying English for educational reasons. At the moment, the learners level of English is approximately the lower intermediate level. The class size will be no more than 10 students, who will be at least 16 years old.The important purpose of this lesson is to introduce new vocabulary and simple grammar. Students will be able to improve their dialogue skills for leisurely and social purposes by engaging in authentic conversational activities they also gain practice in using English language patterns through reading the customized text and completing predetermined gaps in the text meaningfully. By providing b oth controlled and freer practice, it is intended that students will become more confident in their give of English.Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) is the methodological framework for a lesson where tasks are used as the core social unit of planning and instruction (Richards and Rodegers, 2001 223). By setting difficult but achievable tasks, the students are challenged, which then facilitates learning. This lesson emphasizes the action of learning, provides the students with a natural context for language use and focuses on tasksthat are meaningful, as, without meaning, there can be no learning (Larsen-Freeman, 2000 Littlewood, 2004). Based on the TBLT, some useful lesson procedures for teaching receptive skills are developed. However, since tasks are defined in terms of what people actually do in authentic situations, there is flexibility in the pedagogical approach, so long as the learners complete the tasks meaningfully and are not expect to regurgitate others meaning. Wh at it means to be a teacher covers a wide scope of responsibility. As teaching is a people-oriented field, many considerations must be taken into account when making decisions that would benefit the majority. This peer-teaching practice has pushed me to the deepest level of introspection regarding my own beliefs and principles on teaching and education.

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