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The films Juno and American Beauty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The films Juno and American apricot - Essay ExampleThe girl Juno here is a 16 year old female, who gets significant by her classmate Paulie and both plans to abort the indulge. Juno is a girl with bootfree attitude and does not c ar some what another(prenominal) people think slightly her. Juno in her tender age is ignorant about pregnancy and issue related to it and this quote confirms it. Juno MacGuff I dont know, I drank like, ten gallons of Sunny D... Im telling you Im gravid and youre acting shockingly caviler. Leah Is this for real? Later by the influence of her friend she changes her mind and plans with Paulie to give the muff for adoption for this she gets the support from her parents. Juno with her friend Leah finds a couple to adopt the baby and the film later shows the Junos experience with the pregnancy and the emotional fight down associated with it. Long before the birth of the baby, Juno also confesses her love for Paulie. alike Paulie accepts the love for Ju no and soon after she delivers a baby boy. In the meanwhile, the couple who about to adopt the baby faces a marriage break pot. In the end of the movie, Vanessa (Single mother) who is supposed to adopt the baby accepts the baby and Juno and Paulie are shown to be passionately in love. The Movie American Beauty This movie American beauty explains the intent of Lester who is writer in a magazine who dislikes his job. His wife Carolyn is a rude character, and their daughter Jane despises her parents. Carolyn Burnham Are you arduous to look unattractive? Jane Burnham Yes. Carolyn Burnham Well, congratulations. Youve succeeded admirably. These dialoged shows the hostile relationship held by the mother and the daughter. Lester has a neighbor who is a colonel accompanied by his less social wife and a drug addicted son Ricky. The Lesters daughter Jane is in love with Ricky and wants to extend her relation with him. Lester on the other hand is deep down inside depressed and wants a person to share his feelings. Meanwhile he gets in touch with Janes friend Angela and gets infatuated with her. Lester begins to experience sexual fantasies about Angela wherein red roses are surrounded by Him. On the other side, Carolyn his having an affair with her business counterpart Buddy. Later Lester finds out about his wifes exceptional -marital affair but reacts indifferently. Jane in the later part of the movie gets involved with Ricky and Lester too gets friendly with Angela. In between all this Lester gets marijuana from Ricky and uses it and tries to sexually encounter Angela and finds that she is virgin and backs out. The father of Ricky accidently sees Lester nudely exercising and his son observation it, and concludes they r gay mates. Colonel rushes to Lester home and shoot him to death. Comparison between Juno and American Beauty The movie Juno and American beauty is both centered on teenagers and their romantic life and sexual activities. The movie is basically about the culture of teenagers in American and how they lead an unorganized and indisciplined life as this quoted depicts it. Angela Hayes Jane, hes a junky Jane Burnham Then so am I And well always be freaks and well never be like other people and youll never be a freak because youre just too... perfect Both these movies show to the viewing audience that the sexual life of American teenagers is active at an early stage. The movies also display the marriage stroke happening in American society and how fragile relationship is. According to (Sarris) In American Beauty ,Kevin Spacey plays Lester Burnham, a man in his mid-40s going through an intense midlife crisis hes grown cynical and is persuade that he has no reason to go onBoth the movies also show the emotional struggle undergone by teenage and adults of America. The movie Juno has an anti

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