Friday, August 9, 2019

Analysis of VSauce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis of VSauce - Essay Example Creative re-engineering and several developmental phases enables VSauce to incorporate diversified mechanics that have seen them shift the focus from educative and informative channels to more scientific and comprehendible gaming channels and protocols that necessitate the collaborative impact and views and/or technical development from the users and designers in the community. This gives the channels a competitive advantage compared to other sites in that the diversity of the views and generative aspects from the collaborations help the site in development and design of cutting-edge features. Customization of videos in terms of quality and the subject matter, video, gaming, sports and the interactive aspects, offers freedom of exchange and transfer of knowledge. This merits attention as it incorporates the diversity of age, social and cultural background, economic wellness and freedom of choice from the variety which is the functional perspective of websites and their applications ( Brown 8). Vsauce incorporates the education aspect in the provision of digital, clear and chronological scientific motion pictures in the field of science giving the audience/ academic visitor a variety of videos which actualize the theoretical package taught in classroom atmosphere. This aspect diversifies its operations to more of a blog, content and archive site giving convenience to the variety of users/visitors. Also the incorporation accommodates diversified interests of a single visitor by harmonizing and providing multiple solutions in one site unlike other sites that will give specific solution to a specific interest/problem. For instance, introduction of VSauce2 that has five recurring segments to cover unusual knowledge and technology, â€Å"MindBlow†, a segment that covers the inventions that are useful and their significance to the society are not only humorous but touches the collaborative and the educative aspect of the invention part learnt in schools and in h istory. Also the â€Å"FAK† segment for facts and knowledge, which involves trivial questions, acts as a mental developmental program for all ages which gives the site credit in creativity aspects and collaborative ones as the channel’s work is from the users. Creativity is evident in the way VSauce incorporates the diversity of artistic talents from the users and the community in general. The incorporation of different â€Å"phases† of VSauce with time has seen developments in the users’ contribution in realizing the user’s talents and in line with the growth and development goal of the site and giving back to the society. For instance, the ‘BiDiPi’ segment that stands for build it, drive it and play it, incorporates the talents of the communities and the site user/fans and brings the competitive aspect of the site to the users which act as a motivational tool.

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