Monday, August 12, 2019

Health and Safety Regulations of NSW and Risk Management Essay

Health and Safety Regulations of NSW and Risk Management - Essay Example According to the discussion, non-compliance issues consist of non-trained health and safety representatives handling important positions in the organization, appointment of ineligible candidates for places like bar and casino, etc. After conducting an audit of the whole situation and deriving the above finding several recommendations, the objectives behind them and a probable time estimate has been clearly mentioned in the action plan in Appendix 2. In Appendix 1 a risk assessment matrix has been developed to highlight the intensity of each hazard or risk that took place in the organization. The major laws which affect most of the business as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) would be improved to Work Health Safety (WHS). The revised laws have been implemented from the year 2012. According to the new WHS, the focus of the employee should be on the making proper work arrangements and also maintaining good relationships for carrying out the business. The focus of the employer should be on the impact of the workplace, health and safety issues of the employees. Companies have the right to consult with other companies or organization regarding safety and health issues of the organization. The individuals in the organizations would be no longer termed as workers; rather they should be regarded as employees. Implementing health and safety measures in the organization would be given primary importance and the employees also have the right to raise voice if they find that these norms do not meet the standards in their organization. Every employee must hold an entry permit to enter the organization. These are the basic changes that have been made in the new guidelines. Now let us consider the breaches that took place in Titanic Cove Resort (TCR), with reference to WHS laws.

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