Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Financial support of minors Parents have an obligation to provide for their children. Children below the age of eighteen years are minors; hence, parents and guardians have the primary liability to support their children. It is their moral obligation to provide for their children as well as their mandate as the law stipulates. Parents are expected to provide common basic needs to the best of their ability. The general obligation of a parent is to provide love, affection, education, food, clothes and proper medical care. Minors on their part are supposed to respect their parents or guardians and utilize the opportunity they are given. For example, the opportunities to go to school, where they are expected to attend all classes and pass exams. When minors leave their parents’ home on their own accord, there is little probability that court will force their parents to support them financially. If the minors leave their parents’ home as a result of the influence of other people or failure to abide b y the rule stipulated by their family, then parents do not have any financial liabil...

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