Thursday, August 1, 2019

Market Force Description and Analysis of Impact on Product Services Essay

Communications-Security System Services-These devices and systems have a wide range, specifically, home and car. The demand is driven partly by home sales, new home construction and office construction. Most security systems like Brink Security have warning decals on the windows or in the yard to advertise. Commercial marketing usually consist of a direct sales force that call on owners and operators of commercial building companies that provide security monitoring services often have large account recieveable and credit problems with payments from subscribers, defective or poorly installed equipment or poor service, can have expensive consequences and Law suit risk in false alarms and frequent investment in new technology, The demand for residential and commercial construction and sales, need is in customer service and product, the companies increase their and systems and services by going to the senior citizens and dual income families. In their growth over the next 10 years included will be monitoring and security systems that include devices that measure environment factors, such as humility and quality of air and water. Healthcare-Nursing Home and Assisted Living-over 5 million elderly, mentally ill and, other physically and mentally challenged people need healthcare. The healthcare industry provide long-term care , includes onsite healthcare, counseling, medication dispensing, may become more prevalent. Demand for residential care facilities will grow as the baby boomers age, spurring investments in new construction, upgrades for existing facilities, additional beds, labor and services. The healthcare facilities industry faces a nurse shortage and is pressuring colleges to graduate nurses. To overcome threats, in the nursing facilities background checks, monitoring of the patients making sure they are changed, bath, and fed, also for the ones in assisted living, this is to insure that injuries to the elderly are not caused. The rise in Healthcare has risen by 80 percent. The risk with healthcare is that is not being made affordable and the premiums have sky rocketed, to were the elderly have a hard time getting the medicine and supplies. I do have love ones in the Nursing Home, and when I go and visit, I see the elderly just sitting there, not one of the staff takes time to ask them if they want to be moved, or just to check on them, some do not get bath until the end of the day, and there clothes are soiled, it is like they have been thrown away, The strategies I would use would to be train nurses aid how to care and properly change and check on the patient, there tone of voice used, close supervision of the elderly. General Business-Laundry Detergent-In the U. S. oap and detergent has over 650 companies worldwide. Detergent is packaged in cartons, bottles, pouches, or bags. The growth rate is low, because there are new and cheaper products available. One company is Proctor and Gamble, they are a household name they serve 180 countries, they strive and produce, superior quality and values, that improve the lives of the Consumer’s. Demand for soap and detergent result in wide swings in production, capacity planning is difficult. Challenges P&G face is the manufacter must comply with different state and country environmental regulations. The soap and detergent industry will impact the nation because its represented in over 145 nations, the marketing of such companies as P&G has been proven to be the best in strategy brands most important to retailers, strong business , and fundamentalist. In using, Gain and Tide, they over the consumer dye free and perfume free products, as well as the different soaps. The soap and detergent companies have Capitalized on opportunities by, having antibacterical hand soaps and bath soaps. Another stragedy that these companies have utilized is environmental friendly products, that are safe for our environment. Let’s take soap its used for animals and people and washing cars, and just about everything. Many big companies, do not see the threat of little companies with products such as Power Soaps and detergents this company is out of South India, they spend a lot of money on advertising. Marketing plays the pivotal role in making or breaking any product or service. In my closing, I will sum up all three subjects starting with the Security.

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