Monday, August 26, 2019

Research In Information Technology Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11000 words

In Information Technology - Research Paper Example In today’s organisation decision making albeit hierarchical is a team effort. It is easier to understand and analyse today’s organisation using the neo-classical approach of an organisation being a socio-technical entity. The approach makes it easier to view an organisation as interaction between social elements (the people) and technical systems (any automated system i.e. IT) and how such interaction is designed for joint optimization. (Cummings 2001, Wikipedia-SocioTechnical Systems) Impact of IT and Internet – No organisation today can exist without the use of Information Technology (IT). The progress of IT and its use has taken a natural evolutionary path, from automating finance (first generation accounting packages) to virtual organisations. Global nature of today’s business - Organisations today are becoming more global in terms of business whether in its supply chain management, production or merchandising. Internet provides this access to today’s organisation. Socio-technical systems – How socio-technical systems, help organisational work design in the organisation, where people and systems interact. This understanding was required to follow our study in how internet applications are designed and developed. (Wikipedia-Sociotechnical systems) Internet and its effects – We studied the history of internet and how internet which was designed for an academic collaboration tool to today’s ubiquitous and all pervasive technological force. As part of this study, we learnt the underlying technology of internet, which has helped internet to be so highly influential in today’s world. We found that advance in telecommunications as the primary growth factor in internet and its usage. Secondly, this development of telecommunications and internet related applications have provided a great assistance to today’s

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