Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pepsi Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pepsi - Case Study Example The company has heavily relied on the use of social media in order to promote its products. The case even outlines how Pepsi plans to distribute the grants and how grant proposals can be submitted. There are various commonalities that can be identified by reviewing the slogans that Pepsi has used to advertise itself. One of the most common themes in these slogans was the youth of the society. In various slogans Pepsi has associated itself with people from the younger generation for example the slogan of 1961 states that those individuals who think that they are young should consume Pepsi. In order to target the youth and to develop its image as a product that has been developed for the youth the slogans mostly focus on the elements of adventure and youthfulness. Another theme that the company has used to advertise its cola is the theme of social ability. It has tried to again and again create the idea that people who aim to socialize more or are individuals who find it easy to socialize should drink Pepsi Cola. Pepsi has quite effectively used different elements of the marketing mix and has left no stone unturned to reach their consumers. They have used the element of advertising by aggressively using social media and they have even advertised on more than 30 cable television channels as well as sponsored reality shows. They have used the element of public relations in which they are trying to develop healthy relationships by positioning themselves as a socially responsible company (Du, 2000, p.3). For the purpose of public relation they have used the website that allows webpage visitors to select different social causes that need donations and funding. Furthermore, they have use public celebrities such as Mark Sanchez to act as spokespersons of their new grant campaign. Overall the company has quite effectively used various marketing mix elements and created a well-designed

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