Thursday, August 8, 2019

Principles of Disaster Response and Recovery Essay

Principles of Disaster Response and Recovery - Essay Example In this connection every facility in the region shall prepare an Risk management plan which includes hazard assessment, programs to prevent accidental releases and response plans for emergency situations. The initiatives by Florida state administration is highly commendable (Florida, SERC, n.d.). It has set up separate state emergency commission who examines the capability of the state to handle a disaster and also frame policies for risk reduction and management. The state has evolved a well structured risk management programmes and also allows to inspect and audit its system to identify the key inputs to strengthen its risk management initiatives (Florida SERC, n.d.). The regulations released by the Florida state administration have clearly said that the state administration have realized the need for a proper environmental compliance. Though the Department of Homeland Security would have insisted on the implementation of appropriate measures, the local level interventions are thought to be much more than mandatory concerns. The impact of this was to raise the chemical emergency preparedness of the local administration (Cornhill law university, n.d.). The administrator is the responsible person for the release for the list of chemicals and also characterizing them considering the factors like toxicity, reactivity, volatility, dispensability, combustibility and flammability of the substance (Cornhill law university, n.d.). . And also the threshold limits proposed by the administrator for this region is liable to change subjected to different conditions. The various time limits fixed for issuing proper notification in case of any emergency situatio n is also explicitly stated by the administration (Cornhill law university, n.d.). The Federal government has already undertaken several initiatives through the state administration for effective implementation of local level emergency planning . As the impact of the disaster is experienced across regions different regional bodies of administration shall evolve the most effective intervention plans considering the local requirements. The major requirement in all these cases are identification of all the facilities contributing to the risk of the region like hospitals, natural gas stations etc. Preparation and release of documents that help to undertake the response plan that need to be followed by the factory owner, operator and medical personal in case of eventuality. Methods of determination of the presence of hazardous materials and also the population who would be affected shall also be made available for effective intervention. The training programs for both the emergency operators as well as the polluters need to be undertaken that would ensure more comfort in the operation (comprehensive emergency response plans, n.d.). Inclusion of Industry in strategic planning. The strategic planning exercise in the event of emergency and disaster involves a collective action. Though the planning exercise would be in a frame work of federal administration, the more proactive approach need to be from the local and

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