Friday, August 23, 2019

Employee resourcing case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Employee resourcing case study - Essay Example because firstly the training of new employees is inadequate and secondly the relationship between the permanent employees and the temporary ones is not healthy which results in a lack of teamwork and communication (Doorewaard & Meihuizen, 2000: 39-50). Also, there are differences between the new employees and those that come again every year. Surprisingly the same work environment has dedicated permanent employees and careless temporary employees which means the environment has to be improved and the employees have to be motivated. Before beginning the recruitment program, several measures have to be taken to ensure that the new employees follow the ethos of Funtime so that customer satisfaction can be improved. To do that several theories which have been employed by other organizations can be implemented so that the employees are motivated enough to follow the rules and regulations. Another problem is the selection process for hiring the temporary employees in the work season. Funtime needs to hire approximately 450 people for several kinds of jobs including cleaning, catering, ride attendants, lifeguards and entertainers etc. however, Funtime has been experiencing problems and complaints from the customers which means that the staff that had been hired last year was not up to the standards and thus heavy compensation had to be paid because of this neglect. To improve the situation, the selection process has to improve incorporating new and innovative techniques. The strategy has to ensure the fittest is hired. As per Kennedy (2003), to do that, all employees have to be assessed including the permanent employees, the temporary employees that return and the new employees. Preference should be given to those who are team workers, who can learn a given task in the shortest given time, who have a pleasant and friendly personality, who are friendly towards new technology and those who can handle a problem situation especially with a customer. However, only a very

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