Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Explorer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Explorer - Essay Example Little did we know that this peculiar personality of his could be a problem solver and even a life-saver. This happened when we went hiking. We used to do an overnight hiking and do camp outs in the forest. We already know the routine of what to bring during a camping. The tent, blankets, insect repeller, even first aid kit were almost always ready for us to bring as a logistical support. For food, we bring ready to open canned goods because of its convenience. Except this once instance where one of my brilliant cousin did the grocery and chose to buy canned goods which does not have the automatic opener (the protruding level like thing that we just have to pull to open the can). Now we are the camping site, miles away from home and in a middle of a night, starving and we are presented with a problem: how can we eat our canned goods when there is no opener. No one also brought a can opener because we are used to the idea that canned goods has its own opener. It was a problem solving situation. Our uncle threw the problem to us for us to find a solution. The solutions that were presented ranged from anecdotal to ridiculous to irritating. A cousin proposed that we skip the dinner for the night as a means to fast. I was hungry and so are other cousins so nobody agreed with his idea. Another bright idea from a cousin who could put us all in danger was putting the canned goods in fire hoping that the heat inside will open the can itself. We are worried however that it might explode or we might just render the food inedible by setting the can on fire. Another idea that was suggested was to smash the can so that it will open. For sure it will open only that we also cannot eat its contents. Until Jim made his typical smirk which we already know he is into something. He brought out his fork and put it on the lid of the canned good (it was spam, I think). Then Mark get it, he immediately jump out of seat and used

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