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Favorite place (Dillard's) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Favorite place (Dillard's) - Essay Example While Dillard’s is considered to be an upscale department store, it offers an assortment of treasures for most budgets, including its low-priced clearance centers, making Dillard’s an economically-friendly company. As a department store, Dillard’s offers an array of merchandise useful for all aspects of one’s life and their home. Despite the enormous variety of high-end products found throughout Dillard’s many stores, this company’s claim to fame is its vast selection of clothing and shoes. Being upscale and at the forefront of procuring the best fashions, Dillard’s does not have a difficult time in staying up-to-date with the latest designs for men, women, and children. In the clothing department, available brands range from Antonio Melani, Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, DKNY, and Ralph Lauren, in all desired styles: dresses, coats, pants, tops, pajamas and gorgeous gowns and handsome tuxedoes for any special occasion, including weddi ngs. The children’s department is just as abundant in its selection, with stunning formal wear for holidays and the character clothing that children adore for day-to-day wear. Dillard’s clothing department is only matched by its shoe department with thousands of different styles in countless brands, including their newest addition of the popular Ugg brand. There are shoes for every occasion and each season, from tennis shoes and sandals to strappy pumps and leather dress shoes. While the clothing and shoe selections define Dillard’s department stores, the perfume, make-up and accessories section, appropriately located at the center of each building, are the centerpiece. This area is easily recognizable from the sweet and strong fragrances of the dozens of bottles of perfume and cologne. Though there are many options for men in this area, it can be considered the paradise of women. Here they can find perfume and body spray in scents ranging from sweet and innocen t to strong and daring, all provided by some of the top brands, including Prada, Chanel, and Dior. The vast collection of make-up brands gives women what they need at their fingertips to enhance their own natural beauty or to design a completely new and stunning look. To add to the wonders of the make-up and perfume section are the helpful representatives willing to aid guests until they find the scent or look they are searching for. Often circling the perfume and make-up counters are racks upon racks of handbags, purses, scarves, belts, and beautiful jewelry. Men and women alike can find all that they need to complete the perfect outfit or to surprise a loved one with a dazzling gift. Once someone has finished spoiling themselves with the clothes and jewelry and glamorous extras found among the many shelves of Dillard’s, they can turn their attention on dressing up their homes. In the outer regions of the circle of Dillard’s, a guest can find all that they need for th eir bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, including little knickknacks and decorations to accentuate any room. For the bedroom, Dillard’s offers a wide selection of bedding sets and individual sheets and pillowcases, as well as pillows, canopies, and bed skirts. Unlike the selections found at many common department stores, the bedding found at Dillard’s exemplifies elegance, turning even a child’

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