Friday, August 23, 2019

Technology in America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Technology in America - Research Paper Example According to Beer (52) â€Å"the use of social media on the internet has been shown to reduce with increasing age†. Thus, technology has changed the social norms in the American society. Technology like the internet has revolutionized how individuals relate to each other. Family members, colleagues at work and even students in school can now communicate easily and faster among each other. The internet is fast and sometimes more private and this has increased social interactions especially on social platforms like Facebook, twitter, MySpace and Google plus. People no longer have to meet physically or send letters in order to communicate. They can even form groups and have meetings online without having to meet physically. With technology making interaction between individuals easy and efficient, an increase in the feeling of sense of belonging has been the observed in many of these individuals. According to the 2010 Consumer reports, Technology has fostered creation of new relationships and even sustained the ones that existed before. However, despite the many positive changes that technology has brought, many negative effects have been observed in the subsequent stu dies carried out. Dangers of online networking especially on the teenagers have been clear demonstrated. Social networking reduces face-to-face interactions among the teenagers and the consequence has been an increased level of loneliness and stress. Cross (40) states that â€Å"some teenagers even end up committing suicide as a result of feeling left out or inferior† A substantial number of the avid internet users have become addicted to it. They can hardly spend ten minutes without looking at their phones; staying away from their computers is a hard ordeal to them. Missing out in important activities has been the consequence if this addiction. Those who are

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